The corporate card of choice for Puzzle companies.

Easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments, and more—plus an average savings of 5%1

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Save an average of 5%1 with Ramp

Designed to help you spend less time and money across your entire business.

Set guardrails to prevent overspending

Stay in policy and on budget with proactive policy controls, configurable approvals, and AI-powered reconciliation.

Spend smarter, save every time

Use instant insights to get the best price on software, stop redundant spend before it happens, and make every dollar go further.

Set your team free

Keep everyone focused on the big picture, and let Ramp automate the rest: expenses, accounting, compliance, and more.

Built to scale with you

Whether you’re building your business, expanding internationally, or cutting costs—Ramp works for you.
Integrate and stay synced
Seamlessly integrate Ramp with your accounting systems and consolidate your finance stack.
Operate globally
Send payments to 195 countries in over 40 currencies and reimburse employees in their local currencies within 2 days.
Completely flexible
Customize Ramp to fit your business and give you the controls you need with policies, roles, and approval workflows.
An extension of your team
Get dedicated support anytime, anywhere. We’re always ready to help.

Modern finance teams run on Ramp

Visionary startups and industry leaders use Ramp to build healthier businesses.

Time is money. Save both.

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