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Let Ramp automate your accounting workflows. Eliminate repeat work and human errors, connect all your data, and manage spend at the press of a button.
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Accounting on autopilot

Closing books is easy with Ramp. Upload your chart of accounts, and watch your expenses categorize themselves automatically. Process everything in seconds and enjoy over 99% accurate financial statements.

Deep integrations with accounting software

Ramp's convenient dashboard syncs out-of-the-box and in real-time to your favorite accounting tools such as Xero, Netsuite, Sage, and QuickBooks.

No more manual work

Closing your books with Ramp only takes hours—up to 8x faster on average—thanks to real-time syncing, auto-categorization and more. With automation, you'll save dozens of hours to work on more impactful tasks.


What is Ramp?
Ramp is the only finance automation platform designed to save you time and money. Ramp is 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation, and insights and reporting into one user-friendly free platform providing you the best control and visibility.
What accounting software does Ramp integrate with?
Ramp has fully integrated with your favorite accounting software such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. In addition, with Universal CSV, Ramp supports every provider that we don’t have a native integration with and provide automation tools to get all of your job done quickly.
What is accounting automation?
Accounting automation is using software to automate the accounting process so the most manual and repetitive tasks are completed instantly without human touch required.
What accounting tasks can be automated?
Here are just a few accounting tasks that you can automate:1. Expense management; 2. Reconciliation; 3. Accounts payable; and 4. Reviews and approvals.
What are the benefits of accounting automation for my SaaS company?
Here are just a few benefits of accounting automation: 1. Time saved: Accounting automation software is able to process a large amount of transactions and invoices in seconds, create correct entries, classify them, and sync to your accounting system right away, helping you close your books faster. 2. Higher efficiency: Having mundane repetitive tasks automated, finance teams will be able to focus on things that actually move the needle. 3. Greater accuracy: software is able to handle data processing, which would otherwise be an error-prone and time-consuming manual task, with ~100% accuracy. No more manual data entry. Peace of mind for everyone.

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Cards, expense management, AP automation, negotiation, and more —all in one

Ramp is a consolidated platform that scales with your SaaS business.

Powerful software

Manage thousands of cards in a few clicks and see them update in real time. All within your Ramp account.
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