The #1 Corporate Card for E-commerce Startups

Scale your e-commerce business with Ramp—forget redundant paperwork and loose invoices, and focus on what matters. Integrated bill pay, vendor management, and real-time reporting. All within your Ramp account.
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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee.
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No more repeat manual work

Ramp is a superpowered charge card, surfacing insights on spend, categorizing your expenses automatically, negotiating SaaS contracts on your behalf, and more. Spend less time nose-deep in paperwork, and more time scaling your online store.

Cashback > Points

Ramp is completely free, and offers 1.5% cashback on every transaction, so you don't have to keep track of another subscription, or wonder about another confusing points program.

10-20x higher credit limit

Running a capitally efficient E-Commerce business is no easy task. Ramp's corporate card enables up to 20x greater credit limits, with no pull to your personal credit line or founder guarantee required, and extends your runway by identifying money-saving opportunities where you least expect it.


Is Ramp just a corporate card?
Ramp is more than just a corporate card. It is the only finance automation platform designed to save you time and money. Ramp is 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation, and insights and reporting into one user-friendly free platform providing you the best control and visibility.
Is Ramp a real credit card?
Ramp is a corporate charge card powered by the Visa network. Unlike conventional credit cards, charge cards require you to pay your monthly balance in full by each statement period. Therefore, Ramp does not charge interest.
What is a corporate card?
Corporate cards are cards issued to employees that allow them to charge their authorized business expenses without having to use their own card or cash and reimburse the amounts. With Ramp, you can issue an unlimited number of physical or virtual cards to employees, manage employee expenses with precise controls, and have real-time visibility in spending insights and trends.
Will applying Ramp affect my personal credit score?
No, Ramp doesn't check personal credit history.
Does Ramp require personally guarantee?
How does my company qualify for a Ramp card?
In order to qualify for Ramp, a business must be: 1) Be registered in the United States; 2) Be a corporation, limited liability company, or LP; and 3) Have >=$75,000 in cash in a US business bank account
Does ramp corporate card report to credit bureaus?
Yes, Ramp reports to Dun & Bradstreet, the credit bureau. Improve your business credit today with Ramp!

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Upgrade your finance stack with Ramp today

Strong control and great visibility

Manage spend down to the merchant and card level. Spend less time doing repeat paperwork, and more time growing your business.

Live support

Our customer success team is standing by to help you troubleshoot or offer guidance anytime you need it.

Powered by the Visa network

Accepted all over the world, with built-in fraud protections and security benefits.

Easy to set up

Get set up, issue cards, and start making payments in less than 15 minutes.
Get started in 15 minutes
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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee.
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