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Empower your employees

Create your own unique policy in minutes with Ramp’s expense policy builder. Then upload it to Ramp and have every employee sign it. Ramp reviews every single expense the instant it happens and flags out-of-policy items for review. With Ramp's built-in card controls, you can issue unlimited cards at scale in seconds to your employees and limit spending to certain amounts, categories, and vendors, so that you will never overspend or be overcharged.

Don’t worry about being overcharged

Use Ramp for better visibility on real-time spend, from supplier purchases to operational expenses. Gain full confidence that your financial software keeps your business healthy, while you do the same for your patients. Quickly identify and get rid of unnecessary overcharges by suppliers and see real-time spend over time with Ramp expense management.

Say goodbye to manual expense reports

Just snap a photo of your receipt and text it to Ramp, our AI-powered technology will match it to the appropriate transaction. Better yet, Ramp automatically collects receipts from your Gmail, Lyft and Amazon Business transactions and matches them without human touch required. Ramp also makes expense categorization a breeze. You can create smart rules that automatically categorizes expenses.


Why should I choose Ramp?
Ramp is the finance automation platform designed to save you time and money. Ramp is 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation, and insights and reporting into one user-friendly free platform providing you the best control and visibility.
What is expense management?
Expense management tracks, monitors, audits employee spends, and approves or reimburses the expenses that are aligned with the company's expense policy.
What is expense management automation?
The traditional expense management process typically includes 5 - 10 manual steps and uses a paper- and spreadsheet-based system that requires a lot of time and energy to maintain and store. Finance team members have to chase down employees for receipts and expense reports at each month end to make sure the timely and accurate reimbursement and reporting. Unlike traditional expense management, expense management automation system like Ramp allows you to use software to automatically manage recording, tracking, reviewing, approving, and reporting for any employee expenses. Following the company's own expense policy, Ramp also automatically helps assure no one is overspending on any areas.
Why is expense management automation important to your business?
Traditional expense management requires a long manual process and a lot of paperwork that are time-consuming, costly, and error-prone. Expense management automation can 1) significantly simplify the expense reporting process for both employees and managers, 2) save a significant amount of time for finance teams so that they can focus on what matters the most, and 3) help finance leaders get access to real-time visibility into company spending insights and trends.
Any examples of how Ramp automates the expense management process?
Here are just a few ways Ramp automates your expense management: 1) Advanced card level controls: Ramp allows Admins to set and adjust spend limits on every card used in the business business. Managers can do the same with their teams. 2) Receipt and memo requirements: Admins can also set the business-level threshold for receipts, and then receive SMS or email notifications whenever these large transactions occur. 3) Automatic receipt matching: Employees are prompted to provide their receipts after each transaction, and Ramp will automatically match their receipts with the appropriate transactions. 4) Request and approval workflows: Employees can request to spend within Ramp, and you will be able to review and approve the spend in real time. 5) Multi-level approvals: You can set up custom approvals flows to help track approved expenses and new cards that are being created for employees and managers. 6) Real-time visibility: Through the Ramp dashboard, Admins can easily remind team members to upload their receipts, as well as view spend analytics and identify trends.
How can Ramp help my company save time?
A typical Ramp customer will close its book in 8 hours. Ramp saves you time in following ways: 1. Automatic expense submission: our automatic receipt matching saves time for both employees and finance teams. Users who make purchases simply need to take a picture of their receipt, then text or email it to Ramp! This also means that your finance team no longer needs to chase after employees for receipts. 2. Automatic categorization: Ramp automatically categorizes transactions based on the rules you set up so you can close your books more quickly. 3. Automatic policy enforcement: Ramp automatically declines out-of-policy transactions and flags them to the manager and your finance team. 4. Automatic invoice management: Ramp uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically recognize the invoice and receipt details. 5. Automatic accounting sync: Your finance team can connect Ramp with your existing accounting software and sync Ramp data to your accounting system, making reconciliation simple.

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