Free and blazing fast bill payment automation for tourism and hospitality

Get things done faster than ever with full controls and visibility into accounts payable and cash flow. Leading tourism and hospitality companies trust Ramp Bill Pay to automate time-consuming invoice processing tasks.
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Automate invoice processing with 99.9% accuracy

Ramp Bill Pay will automatically scan invoices to pull line items such as due dates, vendors, amounts and more with 99.9% accuracy. This makes paying bills a breeze and condenses the process down to just a few clicks, saving you countless hours.

Bill payment just gets more rewarding

Ramp Bill Pay is entirely free. In addition, paying bills with your Ramp card will give you 1.5% cashback. You also have options to pay bills with physical checks or ACH transfer.

Save you countless hours

Ramp Bill Pay allows you to upload hundreds of invoices simultaneously and processes them in seconds, saving you dozens of hours on what would otherwise be a manual task. On average, businesses save at least 10 minutes per invoice with Ramp.


Is Ramp just a bill payment product?
Ramp is more than just bill payment. It is the only finance automation platform designed to save you time and money. Ramp is 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation, and insights and reporting into one user-friendly free platform providing you the best control and visibility.
What is Ramp Bill Pay?
Ramp Bill Pay is the fastest bill payment product on the market. Our product uses AI to scan invoices and pull line items and due dates automatically with 99.9% accuracy, chases down the right approvers for review, makes the payments via Ramp cards that give you 1.5% cashback, physical checks, or ACH, and syncs every bill payment to your accounting software. Bill Pay is currently available to customers that have QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, and Universal CSV accounting systems connected. It's also available to customers who have no accounting system connected. Ramp Bill Pay isn't only a platform to manage your accounts payable faster than anyone else. It is built to ensure accurate records and categorizations between Ramp Bill Pay and your accounting software.
What is the best way to pay bills online?
The best way to pay bills online for free is Ramp Bill Pay. Ramp provides accurate and blazing fast online bill pay services for free via card, ACH transfer, or check.
How does Ramp make money?
Ramp doesn't make money through interests, membership, or fees. Ramp gets a share of interchange fee that is split between Visa and the merchant's underlying bank every time you make a transaction using Ramp.
Can accounts payable be automated?
Yes, accounts payable (AP) can be automated easily with the right software. Ramp Bill Pay can onboard vendors with secure links, process hundreds of invoices in seconds, present them all for your review, and chase the right people for approvals before a payment is scheduled. You’ll save about 10 minutes per invoice with Ramp Bill Pay.
How does my hospitality company qualify for Ramp?
In order to qualify for Ramp, a business must be: 1) Be registered in the United States; 2) Be a corporation, limited liability company, or LP; and 3) Have >=$75,000 in cash in a US business bank account

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Manage spend down to the merchant and card level. Spend less time doing repeat paperwork, and more time growing your business.

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Seamless integrations

Ramp integrates with 100+ popular software, and syncs in real-time to your favorite accounting system such as Xero, Netsuite, Sage, and QuickBooks.

Clear accountability

Empower your team to buy what they need, and set guardrails to keep spend in check.
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