A Corporate Card Built for Web3

Ramp's intuitive corporate card gives real-time visibility and control on burn. Scale effortlessly with a finance partner trusted by the fastest growing Web3 startups.
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Entirely free plus up to 20X higher limit

TradFi and Web3 have a complicated history. Use a corporate card that serves web3 well. Your Ramp card gives you up to 20X higher limit, and enables precise spend control and real-time spend insights. All free.

Cashback > Points

Ramp offers 1.5% cashback on every transaction. Don't play the points game anymore.

Automate your fiat expense management

Ramp's automation software makes receipt collection and expense categorization a breeze. With our spend controls, you can create smart rules that automatically categorizes expenses. Our software learned over time for even greater accuracy and peace of mind.


How does my Web3 startup qualify for a Ramp card?
In order to qualify for Ramp, a business must be: 1) Be registered in the United States; 2) Be a corporation, limited liability company, or LP; and 3) Have >=$75,000 in cash in a US business bank account.
Is Ramp 100% free? If so, how does Ramp make money?
All of Ramp is free. No interests and no foreign transaction fees either. We don’t make money through interests, membership, or fees. Ramp gets a share of interchange fee that is split between Visa and the merchant's underlying bank every time you make a transaction using Ramp.
Why does my company need a Ramp corporate card?
Ramp cards are corporate cards issued to employees that allow them to charge their authorized business expenses without having to use their own card or cash and reimburse the amounts. With Ramp, you can issue an unlimited number of physical or virtual cards to employees, manage employee expenses with precise controls, and have real-time visibility in spending insights and trends. Modern financial leaders know they need to empower their employees to create a healthy organizational culture, automatically enforce finance policies, and limit the expense fraud risk by giving employees their own corporate cards with sensible controls to drive business growth for your Web3 startup.
How can Ramp help my Web3 company save money?
Ramp has saved its customers more than $135 million and counting. Here are a few ways Ramp saves your company money: 1. Unlimited cash back: Ramp offers 1.5% cash back on all transactions. 2. Exclusive savings insights: Ramp helps companies reduce overall spend by 3.3% through finding redundant subscriptions, identifying the vendors that you might want to switch to Ramp to maximize cashback, and providing SaaS price insights 3. Partner rewards: Ramp has over $200k in exclusive partner rewards with leading software and vendors such as AWS, Notion, etc. 4. Free negotiation services: Ramp provides free negotiation services for your SaaS contracts for free.
How can Ramp help my Web3 company save time?
Here are just a few ways Ramp saves time for your Web3 startup: 1. Automatic receipt collection: our automatic receipt matching saves time for both employees and finance teams. Users who make purchases simply need to take a picture of their receipt, then text or email it to Ramp! This also means that your finance team no longer needs to chase after employees for receipts. 2. Automatic categorization: Ramp automatically categorizes transactions based on the rules you set up so you can close your books more quickly. 3. Automatic policy enforcement: Ramp automatically declines out-of-policy transactions and flags them to the manager and your finance team. 4. Automatic invoice management: Ramp uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically recognize the invoice and receipt details. 5. Automatic accounting sync: Your finance team can connect Ramp with your existing accounting software and sync Ramp data to your accounting system, making reconciliation simple.

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All you need to automate your fiat finance

5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation, and insights and reporting into one user-friendly platform

Seamless workflows

Plug Ramp into your critical tools and orchestrate your ideal workflows from benefits to reconciliation.

Clear accountability

Empower teams to buy what they need, and set guardrails to keep spend in check.

Part of the Visa network

Accepted at almost everywhere across the globe.


Add your Ramp virtual cards to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for on-the-go taps and swipes.
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