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Get guaranteed savings on SaaS with Ramp’s expert negotiators, readily available to save you time and money.
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How vendor
negotiations work

We take a deep dive into your current spending and align on your procurement goals.
Intro us to your vendors by CCing us in an email and we’ll start negotiating on your behalf.
A monthly report will show all your up-to-date spend and opportunities where more money can be saved.
As your strategic procurement partner, we work to ensure continual software purchasing doesn’t take up your time or cost too much money.

3x your ROI*

Negotiations with Ramp pays for itself. Combining data-backed benchmarking and an experienced procurement team, Ramp guarantees savings, or your money back.
*Typical savings guarantee for qualified businesses is a multiple of fees paid to Ramp. If we fail to meet the guarantee in your agreement, you receive a prorated refund of fees paid.

Data-backed negotiations

Software pricing models are confusing making it difficult to understand if you’re getting a fair price. We've negotiated everything under the sun and work to get the best price for your business.

Free yourself of the endless back-and-forth

We communicate with vendors as your procurement team throughout the negotiation process, freeing up valuable time and negotiate without ruffling any feathers

Maintain complete control

Rest-assured, you have the final say on every contract we negotiate. Our team of negotiators become your strategic partners and offer a white-glove experience to meet all your contract requirements.
“The savings we’ve realized with Ramp mean everything in terms of not only revenue return on the investment, but also operations in general.”


Who is eligible for Ramp Negotiations?
Negotiations is available for customers based on an annual contract value commitment. For more information, reach out to your Ramp Account Manager.
How much does Ramp Negotiations cost?
Negotiations is priced with a flat monthly fee based on the amount of SaaS spend under management with a guarantee on savings. If we fail to meet the guarantee in your agreement, you receive a prorated refund of fees paid.
I’m not ready to start with a full negotiation service, can I test it out first?
Test drive Ramp Negotiations with one vendor contract. It’s completely free with no commitments.
Do I need to be a Ramp customer to use Negotiations? 
Yes, Negotiations is only available for Ramp customers.
Who will be my main point-of-contact throughout the negotiations process?
You will work hand-in-hand with a Ramp Relationship Manager to meet all your procurement goals throughout each vendor negotiation.
How does Ramp’s negotiations team communicate with my vendors?
Ramp will communicate with your vendors as an extension of your in-house procurement team. This ensures that nothing is signed without your approval and every negotiation follows your procurement preferences.
What type of vendors will Ramp negotiate with?
Ramp will negotiate with vendors in the following categories: Software, Cloud, Payment Processing, and others on a case-by-case basis.
Will Ramp negotiate renewals?
Yes, Ramp can take on negotiating new purchases and renewals.
How long do negotiations typically take?
It depends on the complexity of the tools and requirements, context of your agreement, and response times from the vendor and your team. Unless there is an urgent deadline that we can accommodate, expect at least two weeks of time between kick-off and completion.

Experience the
Ramp advantage

Ramp’s focused on maximizing your businesses most precious resources: every minute and dollar.