Time is Money. Save Both.

Meet the only spend management platform and corporate card that can automate your accounting and lower your bills – in under 15 minutes.
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How does it work?

Approve & Issue

Empower your team with an approval process that makes sense. Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards with built-in spend rules that control spend automatically –  it works on Slack!

Real-time Tracking

Get a topline view of your company spend or dive into a transaction from any device with powerful search and live spending data.


Replace outdated expense reports with the fastest reconciliation experience ever made. Ramp even does all the work of collecting and matching receipts, automatically.

Proactive Savings

Unlike other cards that entice you to spend with complicated reward programs, Ramp is the only card built around keeping money in your bank.

Empower your team with a smooth approval process. Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards with built-in spend rules that control spend automatically –  it works on Slack!

Ramp found over $250,000 in savings right out of the gate. That, plus Ramp's 1.5% cashback is far more valuable than any points program.
Nick, CEO at Candid.
Closing the books used to take a couple of days — now it takes about an hour a month.
Shafak, Sr Accountant at Clubhouse.
Annualized savings identified for our customers.
Cashback on everything.
5.4 days/mo
Time savings for finance teams.
Avg. savings per company.
12 minutes
Avg. time to roll out program.

Issue cards, keep control.

From team lunches to millions in marketing – enforce your expense policy with streamlined approval processes and unlimited cards that control spend automatically.

Streamline approvals.
Control spend before it happens - straight from your inbox or Slack. Empower teams to request and delegate approval to managers.
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Cards that control spend.
Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards with built-in spend limits. Control what your employees spend and what your vendors charge.
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Christina. Director of Creative Production. Red Antler
With Ramp, the people who are expected to be spending have access to their own corporate card that I can control in real time.
Christina, Director of Creative Production at Red Antler
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Track spend, live.

Access every transaction instantly and know exactly who’s spending on what. Track your top line spend or drill into any transaction in real time. from any device, in real-time.

See spend as it happens.
Instant reconciliation with Ramp software. Search, slice, or download real-time data from any employee, department, or merchant.
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Forecast in real-time.
Ramp automatically identifies all active subscriptions and upcoming payments.
It’s like seeing into the future.
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JJ, Founder. WayUp
We used to spend more than 6 hours per month reviewing expense reports. After setting up Ramp it takes an hour.
JJ, Founder at WayUp
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Automate your accounting.

Save time and eliminate days of manual work. Automate your expense management process with the fastest reconciliation experience ever made – no joke.

Close books 5x faster.
An accounting experience co-created with finance teams to automate manual processes and let Ramp do the heavy lifting.
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Receipts, handled.
Codify your expense policies in Ramp. Ramp automatically requests, collects and matches receipts sent via SMS & email. 
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Integrations for the most popular accounting software
Sync every transaction to your accounting software with native support for advanced capabilities like multi-entity, split transactions, and project codes.
Shafak, Senior Accountant. Clubhouse.io
Automation is Ramp’s ultimate weapon. I was skeptical at first but when I started using it, I realized it was as beautiful as it sounds.
Jose, Staff Accountant at WayUp
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Cut your expenses, constantly.

Unlike other cards that entice you to spend with "points", Ramp is the only card built around keeping money in your bank. Cut wasteful spending before it undermines your goals.

Trim wasteful spend.
Ramp analyses every transaction and identifies ways your company can cut expenses. It’s like a full-time controller – in card form.
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Get 1.5% cashback.
No exceptions. No useless “points”. Get straight 1.5% cashback on everything.
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Shafak, Senior Accountant. Clubhouse.io
No other card company has tried to help us spend less. That alignment is incredible when your business is trying to grow and make a profit at scale.
Zach, Founder at Ro.
For companies of all sizes

Up to 20x higher limits.

Unlimited instant cards.

No founder guarantee.

Unlimited receipt matching.

1.5% cashback.

No credit checks.

Easy onboarding.

Slack Integration.

30-day terms.

No fees of any kind.