Why Buyer is joining Ramp to help you save more

Most companies overpay for software and services. Ramp + Buyer are putting an end to that.

Buyer is a procurement-as-a-service provider that uses pricing intelligence and masterful negotiation tactics to help businesses get the best rates on tools, saving an average of 27.3% for customers on annual software and service costs.

The Buyer team has joined Ramp to help deliver more savings—for free.

Key Takeaways

  • The problem Buyer is solving
  • What is Buyer and how it works
  • Why Buyer is joining Ramp -- our collective vision to help customers spend less and save more on procurement
  • Live Q&A with the team

About the speakers

Geoff Charles
Head of Product at Ramp
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Kimia Hamidi
Head of Savings at Ramp (Founder of Buyer)
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