Business trip to Houston?

See how much an average Houston hotel costs for business travelers depending on time of year.

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What to expect on a business trip to Houston

Whether you're an employee looking for travel accommodation, or a controller wanting to ensure you are setting reasonable expense policies for your business, Ramp is here to help. A global hub for the energy and aviation industries, Houston is one of the most popular business travel destinations in the US, and the team has combed the internet for average costs and cross-checked with internal Ramp data to help you set reasonable budgets for upcoming business travel.

Hotel costs in Houston

Business travelers to Houston will typically stay in Downtown. According to Ramp spend data and top travel websites, average nightly costs for hotels in Houston range from $110 - $160, with an average cost of $130/night. Hotels are usually most expensive in the spring, and consistent in price the rest of the year.

How are other businesses setting hotel expense policies in Houston?

Based on internal Ramp card usage data, Houston businesses have set a nightly hotel rate limit of $250.

How much are other companies spending on Houston hotels during business travel?

Based on internal Ramp card usage data, business travelers to Houston spend $310 per stay on average.

How does Ramp cardholder hotel spend stack up against other travel spend in Houston?

Spend Categories

Parking: 0.79%
Lodging: 4.13%
Alcohol and Bars: 0.44%
Taxi and Rideshare: 0.04%
Airlines: 88.37%
Car Rental: 0.45%
Restaurants: 5.77%

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