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More than just a corporate card

Manage all your expenses
from one place
Get full visibility on all your spend on one intuitive platform, from paying invoices to managing reimbursements.
Save hours with automation
Say goodbye to expense reports with automated receipt collection and mobile receipt capture.
Spend within your limits
Limit expenses on any physical or virtual card to empower your teams to spend responsibly and within budget.
Save an average of 5%
The only corporate card designed to help you save time and money with built-in expense management controls.

Issue unlimited cards

Issue virtual and physical cards at no additional cost to support teams of any size.

Control every dollar spent

Get precise control—at scale—with the ability to lock any card and restrict any type of spend.
Unlock higher limits
Get up to 20x higher credit limits than traditional options, thanks to Ramp's precision underwriting.
Capture receipts from anywhere
Make receipt capture seamless with our highly rated mobile app (iOS, Android). Save time for the real work with categorization powering error-free expense submission.
"Ramp takes the work out of doing an expense report! There is no need to dread the reporting process as it allows you to report each item as you use your card. No need to think about keeping up/tracking your receipts."
Sara Mauskopf, CEO

The card is just the start

Spend smarter
Save automatically with AI insights that find duplicative spend and unclaimed rewards, effortlessly track payments, and maintain complete visibility with real-time reporting.
Automate reconciliation
Close your books faster with streamlined payment reconciliation, including transaction classification, workflow automation, and ERP accounting integrations.
Simplify operations
Empower your finance team with Ramp's intuitive all-in-one platform that streamlines processes, scales with ease, and delivers significant time and cost savings.
“It’s not just having visibility into spend which is such a huge timesaver, but it’s seeing everything in one place, and having the levers to control spend. That’s what makes Ramp so powerful.”
Taylor Lucas
Director of Finance, Passport Shipping


What is a corporate card?
Corporate cards are a convenient way for companies and organizations to manage their employees' business expenses. They work just like regular credit cards, but are traditionally designed for businesses with higher annual revenues and larger teams. While they often charge higher annual fees, they typically offer expense reporting features and more control over employee spend.

With no annual revenue requirements and the most intuitive spend platform, Ramp is the ultimate finance solution for modern teams to save you time and money. From automating expense reports to spending less with smart insights, you can do it all from one card.
Why switch to a corporate card?

Upgrading from a business credit card to a corporate card does bring important benefits.

  • First and foremost, it shifts liability for any debts to your corporation. Though no leader wants to think about the worst-case scenario for their company, having your assets completely separate from your company’s finances will protect you in case of a lean year.
  • While business credit cards allow you to add on additional cards for employee use, corporate credit accounts are built on the assumption your company has multiple authorized spenders. Therefore, they come with tools to help you manage this level of shared financial control. 
  • Most card issuers’ corporate offerings include robust spend control tools, including virtual cards, expense tracking software, and the means to set limits on cards. No more need for your employees to pay out of pocket and inundate your finance team with expense reports.
How can I get a corporate card?

In order to be eligible for a corporate card, your company must be incorporated (as an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or another individual legal entity) and meet the card providers' further requirements.Traditional corporate cards require businesses to make at least $4 million in annual revenue. Some corporate cards expect you to have at least 15 authorized spenders on your account and a minimum annual spending expectation of $250,000 or more.

Fortunately, newer corporate cards like Ramp are now available with more flexible eligibility requirements and zero spending expectations.

What is the advantage of choosing Ramp?

Ramp gives you 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting, and reporting into one simple and free solution designed to save time and money.

Full control
Increase your visibility with unlimited cards and access a new level of control over your spend.

Zero-touch expenses
Save time by eliminating expense reports, giving time back to your employees.

Rewarding transactions
Get the card that works for you with no annual fees, high limits and real money back.

How much does the Ramp corporate card cost?
The Ramp corporate card is free to use, and comes with 1.5% cashback. That means no user fees, no annual fees, no late payment fees, and no additional card or card replacement fees.
What type of card is Ramp?

Ramp is a corporate charge card powered by the Visa network. Unlike credit cards, charge cards require you to pay your monthly balance in full by each statement period. There is no ability to carry over balances, and therefore, Ramp does not charge interest. Learn more about the difference between charge cards and credit cards.

Does the Ramp corporate card offer any rewards?

Ramp corporate cards come with unlimited 1.5% cashback, up to $175K in partner perks, and free time-saving software.

Transparent 1.5% cashback
Spend on anything and get industry-leading 1.5% cashback. Ramp’s corporate card puts the most money back in your pocket so you can invest even more in growth.

Up to $175k in partner rewards
Save thousands on services you’re already paying for, from AWS to Slack. Ramp partners with leading companies to offer industry-leading discounts and rewards.

How does the Ramp corporate card help me save money?

Automatic savings alerts
Get actionable alerts and insights on duplicate subscriptions, unclaimed rewards, and lower pricing plans. Businesses that use Ramp save an average of 5%1 on spend.

Real-time spend visibility
See every expense in real-time and generate reports on anything—from the most common merchant to the highest-spending department—to identify spending patterns. Ramp gives you everything you need to stay on top of wasteful spend.

How does the Ramp corporate card help simplify expense reports?
Ramp will save your company time by making it incredibly easy to collect receipts and enforce expense policies. With our integrations to apps like Lyft, Gmail, and Amazon Business we’ll automatically find and match those receipts for you. You can also text or email any other receipt to us, and we’ll automatically match it to the right purchase on your Ramp corporate card.
How can I use Ramp as a business card?
You can use Ramp as a business card by putting all your business expenses on your Ramp card. You can pay your vendors, buy ads, take your clients to dinner, and stock up on office supplies (just don’t forget the snacks).
How can we use Ramp corporate cards for travel?
Use Ramp by creating company-wide travel policies in seconds and giving every employee their own corporate card for travel with embedded controls and limits on flights, hotels, and per diems. We also have Google Maps integration to make reimbursements precise—down to the mile.
Will applying impact my personal credit score?
You can be assured that applying to Ramp will never affect your personal credit score. Get started with Ramp today and apply in seconds.

Time is money. Save both.

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Ramp advantage

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