Introducing Ramp Travel

Smarter business travel, from booking to book close

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Custom travel policies, built right in

Keep expenses in check as your business expands.

Set precise controls before takeoff

Customize guardrails to prevent out-of-policy spend, from per-diems to hotel rates. Ramp can also create flexible controls based on market rate.
Speed up approvals while staying compliant
Set smart workflows for Ramp to loop in the right approvers based on team, amount, GL code, and more.
Incentivize employees to spend less
Opt to split savings with employees that book more cost-effective options.
Ramp gives me the ability to set the controls I need, and also gives employees the freedom and flexibility to book travel easily. They can be confident it’s in policy.”
Andrew Clarke VP of Finance, Studs

Effortless business travel that’s always in policy

Designed to make saving easier.
Simplify business travel for all
Ramp Travel is intuitive for employees, with clear in-policy booking options and seamless expense management.
Secure up to 50% savings
Choose from Priceline's flight and hotel inventory, with no platform booking fees.

Book with any travel platform or provider

Buy flights or hotels on any platform—Ramp will check bookings against your policy, match them to your trip, and automatically categorize them, too.
+100 more

Focus on your trip, not expense reports

Ramp collects and matches receipts across all transactions, and routes to the right budget and category. It instantly generates receipts for certain purchases, and saves recurring memos.

Oversee travel spend as it happens

Close the books without delays.
Act in the moment, not a month later
Get a real-time view of all company spend to spot trends and prevent out-of-policy transactions.
Fast-track book close
Automatically flag out-of-policy expenses for review to keep your business compliant. Easily send approved details into your ERP.

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See Ramp Travel

Centralize travel, expenses, and more — all on one intuitive platform