The future of business travel is open

Book business travel anywhere and automate receipts and expenses with the world’s first open travel solution.
Digitize your expense policy and leave the rest to Ramp
Create company-wide travel policies in seconds and give every employee their own corporate card with embedded controls and limits on flights, hotels, and per diems.
Empower employees to book travel their way
Let employees book travel with preferred travel providers that meet their needs. You get unlimited 1.5% cashback for your business while employees take home all the loyalty points.
Don’t waste a minute on expense reports
Save employees hours with automatic receipt collection for hands-free expenses. Save even more accounting time with smart coding rules and real-time transaction sync.
Get a real-time pulse on trips and expenses
See every employee trip in one dashboard with complete itineraries and flight information. Save more money with alerts for out-of-policy expenses and repayment requests.
"Now employees can book with their preferred travel providers and managers save hours on reviews and expense reports. It’s a win-win for everyone."
Dustin WalstedDirector of Finance, Smart city

Time is money. Save both.

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