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Easily issue corporate cards to every employee that needs one

Issue a new corporate card in seconds, with limits and category restrictions that automatically enforce your expense policy. Plus, when employees spend, you get 1.5% to reinvest in your business.
Composite of 4 employee profiles showing the cards they've been issued, their limits and the current spend.
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Automate expense reporting and track every dollar spent

Close your books 8 days faster with software that automates 90% of expense reports. Save your startup thousands each month with real-time reporting & insights that identify wasteful spending patterns.

Streamline bill payments for your startup with AI-powered invoice processing

Forward invoices by email and let Ramp automatically detect vendors, line items, and payment details. Pay by ACH or check, or pay with your corporate card and get 1.5% back on your business's largest expenses.

Integrate Ramp with the rest of your tech stack

Keep your startup moving at a fast pace with effortless HRIS and Slack integrations. Then streamline month-end close with best-in-class accounting integrations for QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite.
"The three things I love about Ramp are its easy adoption, great customer service, and perks that help you grow."
Oren ShatkenCo-founder, Jukebox Health


How can Ramp's corporate cards benefit my startup?
Ramp's corporate cards are designed to save startups their two most valuable resources: time and money. We do that by making your expense management faster and hands-off, giving you increased visibility into current spend and control over bad spend before it even happens. Ramp will simplify your startups payment processes, and give you 1.5% cashback on every swipe.
How do I apply for a corporate card from Ramp for my startup?
You can apply for a corporate card by submitting the email associated with your startup and clicking Apply today. Follow the instructions to complete the application process, which typically includes providing information about your startup and its financials.
What are the spending limits?
Ramp provides the flexibility for your startup to set customized spending limits on their corporate cards, giving you control over how much can be spent on each card. You can easily adjust spending limits in real-time through the Ramp platform, allowing you to manage expenses according to your startup's needs.
Can I earn cashback rewards with Ramp's corporate cards for my startup?
Yes, Ramp offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase made on your startup’s Ramp card.
How will Ramp help with my startup’s expense management?
Ramp's has a suite of expense management features designed to make your life easier. From automatically coding every card transaction, to smart limits that enforce themselves, to real-time visibility into spend, Ramp will vastly reduce the number of hours you have to spend managing your startups expenses.
How is Ramp's corporate card different from a traditional credit card?
First, let’s talk definitions. A traditional credit card will let you carry a balance month over month and will charge you interest. Ramp cards are a charge card, which means you can’t carry a balance and you don’t have to pay any interest or fees. Second, since Ramp cards come with expense management software, your startup will also be getting a bunch of time saving features that are unavailable through traditional credit cards.

Time is money. Save both.

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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee
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