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Our Rampling interns are involved in challenging, high priority projects that truly impact the business and our customers.

Accelerate your career

Challenge yourself with real, unique problems and fully own your projects with the complete support of experienced mentors and colleagues.
Learning through innovating
We value experimentation and insatiable curiosity. Interns are treated as full team members, urged to innovate boldly and execute swiftly.
Madison graduated from UCLA and joined Ramp as a pioneering member of the recruiting team. After focusing her efforts on People and Talent Operations, she now excels in the Sales team as an Account Manager, spearheading client retention and expansion.
Madison Eastman
Account Manager
Scale yourself
Yunyu joined Ramp in 2019 as a Software Engineer. In 2020, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he embarked on his own venture,, which Ramp ultimately acquired in 2023. Today, Yunyu leads our Applied AI team.
Yunyu Lin
Head, Applied AI

Problem-solving in every context

Ramplings revolutionize how corporate finance is done with meaningful customer-facing projects.
Anthony Li (Software Engineering) and Rikin Patel (Product Design) built a functional proof-of-content visualizing Ramp virtual cards on the Apple Vision Pro.
Shipping real impact
Ramp Slack Integration  Request, review, and issue spend without leaving Slack. Our Slack API integration allows you to take action on important spend alerts with your team and stream company-wide transactions for ultimate accountability..
Ramp Chrome Extension  The best way to experience Ramp in your browser. Easily find your card info, submit receipt, and receive helpful tips.
"My fondest memory at Ramp has been the Bill Pay x Cohere team Brooklyn cookout. We brought out a ton of food to grill, but it started raining super hard and we all had to hide under tarps. Eventually the rain let up and we were able to grill our food and watch the sun set over the city. Even though we got wet it was a great bonding experience!"
Cooper Saye '23
Software Engineering, Bill Pay
Hear from past Ramplings
"Ramp is unique because it has grown rapidly but maintains a very entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout my internship, I have learned skills that will help me represent future clients or work in-house, and learned more about what it takes to build a successful company. Living and working in NYC was also a new experience for me!"
Kelsey Mullins '23
Hear from past Ramplings
"Ramp has really taught me how to take ownership and execute with incredible velocity. I have done a few internships now and believe me when I say Ramp is the internship where I had to ship the fastest. I want to emphasize that it's not just shipping mediocre products; it's delivering products that we would be proud to show to our customers and stakeholders. This has been essential in helping me become a better engineer."
Aaron Abraham '23
Software Engineering, Growth

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Learn what it means to own your work, collaborate with full-time employees, and expand your limits.
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Open positions

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Tiffany Huang & Thandi Roe



What type of roles are available for Emerging Talent applicants?
Our most up to date openings will be listed on our page.
Who's eligible to apply?
For interns: anyone who will be registered in an accredited 4-year university post internship.
For new grads: anyone who will graduate from an accredited 4-year university and can start in the next 6-12 months.
What teams host interns?
Engineering, Product Design, Legal, Brand Design, Data and more!
Will there be training and support during the internship?
Yes. Fostering a supportive and growth-oriented experience for our interns sets everyone up for success. We provide comprehensive onboarding sessions, 1:1's with the team, office hours and regular feedback sessions!


Are internships in-person, hybrid, or remote?
We strongly emphasizes an in-person experience. We believe in the value of direct collaboration, mentorship, and a shared office environment to maximize learning and networking opportunities for our interns.
Where are internships based?
Internships are primarily based at our headquarters in New York.
Do interns get any help with housing or meals?
Yes, we offer a stipend to assist with housing to support our interns during their time with us. Additionally, lunch is provided Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for employees at our New York City office.
How long is the internship, and what are the start and end dates?
The standard duration for our internship program is 12 weeks. For co-op positions, the duration extends to 16 weeks. Specific start and end dates can be provided by your recruiter.
Will I receive feedback and evaluations during the internship?
Of course! We prioritize providing constructive feedback and regular evaluations to support your growth and development during the internship. Open communication and performance assessments are integral to our internship program.
Are there networking opportunities during the internship?
Yes, we actively encourage interns to participate in various social and professional events. These events not only provide networking opportunities but also offer a chance to engage with colleagues and industry professionals, fostering a well-rounded internship experience.


What does the recruiting timeline look like?
Our recruiting process typically spans 3-4 weeks, involving various stages such as technical assessments, phone screens, and evaluations. However, the exact timeline is flexible and may depend on the availability of both the candidate and our team members
How should I prepare for interviews?
Our interview process evaluates technical skills, cross-functional collaboration, communication, and problem solving. With a practical approach to interviews and an open book format, we encourage you to think big!
How many rounds of interviews are there?
Depends on the position! Your recruiter will provide more details
What do you look for in prospective interns?
We look for candidates who exemplify Ramp values. Someone who takes ownership, thinks big, and grows without fear!
Is there potential for a job offer after the internship?
Certainly! Ramp values our interns and views the internship as an opportunity to continue the working relationship beyond the internship. A successful internship can result in either a conversion or return internship offer.