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What exactly is Ramp?

Ramp is an all-in-one card, bill pay, and expense management solution. We simplify how your company spends money and highlight wasteful spend. Duplicate software licenses, monthly plans you should switch to annual, over $350,000 in pre-negotiated partner discounts – all designed to save you time & money.

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How do you save businesses money?

Ramp helps you save your most valuable resources—time and money—for maximum business impact.
1.5% cash back on every swipe
Get 1.5% back on every single purchase, always. Keep more of what’s yours without confusing multipliers, fees, or hidden terms.
Effortless insights
Find every instance of overspend, automatically. Ramp analyzes each transaction for duplicates, unclaimed rewards, and thousands of other ways to save.
Smarter buys
Get pricing intelligence backed by millions of data points. Know exactly what you’re paying for and getting so you can get the best price every time.


How much does Ramp cost?
Ramp cards, Bill Pay, and our expense management software is entirely free.
Do you check my credit?
We do not pull personal credit checks as part of your Ramp application.
Is there a personal or founder guarantee?
Nope. No founder, executive, or personal guarantee required.

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