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Head of Finance

Accurate spend forecasting
Real savings
Ultimate visibility
Empower your teams to grow the company and your bottom line with a distributed, real-time spend management process that earns your company 1.5% cashback and keeps your finance team in total control.

Heads of Finance at companies like Even, Ro Health, and Better Mortgage use Ramp to empower department heads to oversee their team’s spend and get accurate forecasts based on a real-time view of company spend.
With Ramp, I can put money in my employees hands and be confident that spend is controlled and reviewed.
Aron, CFO at Ro


Expense approvals
Automated savings
Vendor control
Keep everyone accountable, efficient, and within policy, thanks to a streamlined approval process, distributed oversight, automated savings analysis, and advanced cards that keep everyone accountable in real-time.

Controllers at companies like Mode, Albert, and Rocket Lawyer use Ramp to enforce spend policies, issue and manage advanced cards that control spending and automatically identify wasted resources from a central location.
Automation is Ramp’s ultimate weapon. I was skeptical at first but when I started using it, I realized it was as beautiful as it sounds.
Jose, Sr. Accountant at WayUp


Accounting automation
Real-time reconciliation
Direct integrations
High-performance accounting teams with complex accounting needs rely on Ramp’s powerful automation, incredible flexibility, and direct integrations to eliminate countless hours of wasted effort and close their books on time every month.

Modern companies like Shortcut and WayUp close their books 86% faster by automating transaction categorization, reconciliation, and receipt matching with Ramp on hundreds of accounting providers.
Christina. Director of Creative Production. Red Antler
Closing the books used to take a couple of days — now it takes about an hour a month.
Shafak, Sr. Accountant at Shortcut
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Department Head

Distributed oversight
Accurate forecasting
Total accountability
Keep teams effective, focused, and under budget by empowering leads to directly issue, track, and control their team’s spend—without the overhead.

Department heads at companies like ClickUp, Nuggs, and Tempo use Ramp to empower their employees to spend on the company’s behalf, with the confidence that policies are enforced and nothing is missed.
Christina. Director of Creative Production. Red Antler
With Ramp, the people who are expected to be spending have access to their own corporate card that I can control in real time.
Christina, Director of Creative Production at Red Antler
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Startup Founder

Unlimited cards
Up to 20x higher limits
Reduce burn
Stay focused on growth and protect your runway with the only corporate card built to save your company money.

Founders at startups like Truebill, Madhappy, and Italic use Ramp to quickly identify and eliminate waste, save precious time and get the most out of every dollar spent.
There is no reason why a company would use anything other than Ramp for their expenses. It saves you money and time, and the 1.5% cashback is material.
Matteo Franceschetti, Co-Founder & CEO at Eight Sleep