The power of a procurement team in the #1 corporate card

Eliminate the headache of buying software—let Ramp do it for you. Upload your contract and we’ll get you the best price and terms, without you having to talk to a single sales rep.

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Ramp Procurement
Maximum savings on a single contract
Of negotiations result in savings
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How it works

Upload a contract you need help with in a single click
We’ll review it and negotiate the best price for you
Sign your new contract and save thousands of dollars

Manage your contracts and vendors all from one place

Never scramble to find contracts or vendor information again. Pay with Ramp and we’ll automatically store the invoice, vendor, and contract in a single place and sync it to your accounting system.

Ramp Procurement

Get real-time alerts on savings opportunities

Start saving immediately. Ramp compares your contracts and prices with benchmarks from 1,000s of other customers to proactively unlock savings opportunities across your business.

“On our first day of engagement with Buyer, they saved us 20% on our most expensive contracts, paying for themselves 12x over”
Gordon Wintrob • CEO & Co-Founder

Loop in an expert negotiator to help you with one click

Share the details of your purchase or renewal and we’ll work with your vendor to get you the best price, on the best terms so you can focus on running your business.

Ramp Procurement
Pay your way with Ramp

Approve and pay your final bill in less than 60 seconds

Pay your final negotiated contract with a Ramp card and Ramp Bill Pay to save an additional 1.5%. It takes less than a minute with our lightning-fast payment solution.

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