Expense management made easy

Save hours of work every month with an expense automation process so easy to use that everyone will actually use it.
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Composite image. Woman in a cab. Ramp card labeled Trip to NYC. Screenshot of text conversation with Ramp, asking for a memo.

Automate your busywork

Graphic with the text: Receipt required above $75. Memo required above $75.

Set the rules

Digitize your approval policies and spend guidelines—from meals to SaaS, and everything in between.
Two worker profile pictures, with a Ramp card linked between them. The card is labeled Employee benfit and set to $20 a day.

Empower employees

Pre-approve expenses or issue benefits—with spend limits down to the daily level.
Graphic of 4 expenses, with the Name of merchant, expense amount, and an icon showing whether it was approved or flagged.

Get the spark notes

Ramp reviews every single expense the instant it happens and flags out-of-policy items for review.

Ramp Intelligence

Since day one, Ramp has used AI to do your expenses for you—freeing you to focus on what matters.

Minutes, not days

Every transaction is categorized and ready to sync in Real-time, with most receipts arriving within 30.2 minutes.
30.2 Minutes
The Old Way
Screenshot of a slack conversation. Message after message after message from a finance team member, desperate for a receipt.
The Ramp Way
An automated text from Ramp asking for a memo for a charge. Response says "Team brainstorm". The memo is added automatically
Real-time transactions
It’s why we started with the card. Pending and cleared transactions appear in your dashboard in real time. It doesn’t get much easier than this.
Screenshot of top spend categories, broken down into: percentage spend, total spend, and number of transactions.
Collection on auto-pilot
Instant receipt collection via deep integrations with Gmail, Lyft, or Amazon Business, and easy employee coding via SMS or email.
Merchant icons on the left connected to the Ramp icon on the right by a line and illustrations of receipts.
AI-powered matching
Millions of data points feed the world’s most advanced receipt matching AI. It can even match receipts that are crumpled, blurry, and in foreign currencies.
A crumpled up receipt with partially legible information, yet still accurately being scanned by Ramp's receipt matching.
"It eliminates the concept of a lost receipt"
James C.   VP of Sales
Reimburse employees in any currency
Pay employees back for out-of-pocket expenses, even ones made internationally. Most repayments are delivered in 2 days or less.
Screenshot of the reimbursement form. This example is of a mileage reimbursement, so includes trip details and a map.
Automate expense categorization
Make expense accounting a breeze with smart rules for any field from category to department. Ramp continuously learns from your chart of accounts to save time and improve accuracy.
Two colleagues working together on paper spreadsheets and a laptop. They're both smiling.
Draw the line
People not submitting their receipts? Request money back in a few clicks or lock them out of their cards until they comply—Ramp will do the dirty work.
Screenshot of a repayment request. It reads: $15.20 for this out of policy transaction, Pay $13.54 or Decline.

Less waste, more delight

Replace slow, costly, and clunky expense software with an experience your employees actually love using—for free.

Your company will thank you.
Two smiling Ramp employees working on laptops next to each other at a table in the office.

Time is money. Save both.

Get started today.
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