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A comprehensive list of the top venture capitalists and angel investors across dozens of sectors and every stage.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The top angels and venture firms investing at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Big Data & Analytics

Take a look at some of the leading analytics investors across the globe, from pre-seed to IPO.


Check out some of the angel investors behind generation-defining consumer companies that impact hundreds of millions around the world.


The most noteworthy D2C and CPG brands seen today are backed by investors like the ones below.


The top fintech venture capitalists and angel investors investing in the ever-evolving world of finance are just below.


From biotech to drug discovery, operational software to consumer preventative care, these are the top healthcare startup investors across all stages.

Information Technology

Meet the IT venture capitalists and angel investors that empower what is considered to be the backbone of the Internet.


Monthly, annual, quarterly – however you want to want to charge, these firms love investing in businesses that sell software as a service.


Is eating the world. The bread and butter of modern-day innovation, you can find all software venture capital investors below.
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“After years of investing in early-stage startups – first at AngelList, second at Shrug Capital as Partner, and third as an active angel investor and GP of my own venture capital fund – starting with the best list of investors, their theses, and their preferred stage of investment is the only way to kick off a fundraise.”
Nick Abouzeid
Growth Innovation Lead, Ramp

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