Powerful controls & approvals

Easily create smart rules that limit spend by category or merchant, and approval policies for multiple approvers across your company.

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Onboard in minutes.
Roll out your new corporate card program in minutes and empower your team to request the spend they need.
Requests, served.
Whenever your team needs to spend, they can submit a request in a few clicks. Requests are instantly routed to the right manager via email, SMS or directly on Slack.
Set rules. Issue cards.
Take control of your team's spend with with instant virtual and physical cards. Set limits for each approved request and let the cards enforce your policies automatically.
Put teams in charge.
Empower managers to see and control their team’s spend directly. Keep them accountable to your finance team.
Full accountability.
See and export your company's entire purchase history with a full audit trail of requests, approvals, reviews.

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Issue instant cards.
Unlimited virtual and physical cards with built-in spend limits, instantly available for everyone in your team. Define spend rules and let your smart cards enforce your policies automatically. No more surprises or under-the-radar spending.
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See spend as it happens.
Stop waiting on monthly statements or manual spreadsheets. Find, browse, and download real-time transactions from any employee, department, or merchant – on any device.
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Close your books 5x faster.
An accounting experience by finance teams, built for speed and efficiency. Automate manual processes and start enjoying instant reconciliation – Ramp does all the heavy lifting.
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Trim wasteful spend.
Ramp analyzes every transaction and finds hundreds of ways your company can cut expenses. It’s like having a second finance team, laser-focused on cutting costs.
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Consolidate reimbursements.
Ramp makes it easy to reimburse your employees for all their spend that's not on a card. Set up review & approval flows within Ramp, and see your reimbursements on your dashboard, alongside all your other transactions.
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