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​Ramp small business corporate cards have unlimited 1.5% cashback and easy-to-use software that helps you manage your expenses, pay your bills, and close your books.
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Elevate your small business with corporate cards powered by Visa

Spend on the most widely accepted business credit card network in the world with no annual fees. Apply online in minutes, connect to your bank and sources of revenue, and get started right away.
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An iPhone using Ramp's receipt capture. Under the photo are 3 choices: Attach to transaction, submit reimbursement, or Retake

Easily track expenses with phone receipt matching for your small business

Submit receipts the moment you spend—with our app, text or email. Ramp automatically collects, verifies, and reconciles over 90% of receipts to automate employee expense reports.

Small business finances made easy - pay bills, manage invoices, all with your card

Pay vendors and suppliers by card, check, or ACH. Then let Ramp save you days each month by automatically categorizing payments and syncing with your accounting software.
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Streamline your accounting with Ramp for QuickBooks

Say goodbye to tedious expense categorization. Ramp automatically categorizes each line item on your invoice to help you close your books 8 days faster.

Track every dollar spent across your small business in real time

Get full visibility into every expense. Search and filter to analyze spend by department, location, merchant and more to find new ways to cut wasteful spending and save money.
Recent Purchases screen within Ramp. Looking at purchases by people, it shows the name, department and Amount Spent.
"Unlike other credit card companies which push us to spend more, Ramp is trying to help us spend less. It feels like finally there’s alignment."
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How does Ramp's corporate card help my small business manage expenses?
Ramp's corporate card provides automated expense management tools that streamline the process of tracking and categorizing expenses. This will help your small business gain better visibility into your spend, simplify your expense reporting, and help you make informed financial decisions.
Can I set spending limits on Ramp's corporate card for my small business?
Yes, with Ramp cards you’ll be able to set custom spend limits across your small business, whether that be across a team, department, or a specific employee. These limits are completely customizable, can reset daily, monthly, yearly, or be a one-off, and they will be automatically enforced on every swipe.
How can I track and manage expenses made by my employees using Ramp’s corporate card for my small business?
Ramp provides an easy-to-use online dashboard where you can track and manage all expenses made by your employees on their cards—in real-time. You can view transaction details, set spending limits, freeze out-of-policy cards, and customize spending controls to effectively manage expenses and ensure compliance.
Does Ramp's corporate card offer cashback rewards for my small business?
Yes, Ramp offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchases made on your small business’ Ramp card.
How does Ramp integrate with my small business's accounting software?
Ramp has best-in-class integrations with accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, and many more. Any transactions made with your Ramp card will automatically sync and recorded in your accounting software, plus you can create custom mapping and rules, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate expense tracking and reconciliation.
How does Ramp's corporate card compare to a traditional credit card for my small business?
A traditional credit card will let you carry a balance month over month and will charge you interest. Ramp cards are a charge card, which means you can’t carry a balance and you don’t have to pay any interest or fees. Second, since Ramp cards come with expense management software, your small business will also be getting a bunch of time saving features that are unavailable through traditional credit cards.

Time is money. Save both.

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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee
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