Expense Category

What expense category does Ingram Micro fall under?


Ingram Micro is categorized under the 'Software' expense category, specifically in the 'IT Products and Services Distribution Software' subcategory.

Role of the Expense in Business

Ingram Micro provides a range of IT products and services, including cloud solutions and technology distribution, widely used by businesses for sourcing IT equipment and services.

Practical Example

A technology retailer using Ingram Micro for sourcing and distributing IT products would categorize these expenses under 'IT Products and Services Distribution Software'.

Specialized Expense

For businesses using Ingram Micro occasionally for specific IT purchases, it might be categorized under 'General IT Procurement Tools'.


Ingram Micro's role in IT product and service distribution categorizes it within the 'Software' expense category, particularly for IT procurement and distribution.

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Ingram Micro
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