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SendGrid is categorized under the 'Software' expense category, specifically in the 'Email Delivery and Marketing Software' subcategory.

Role of the Expense in Business

SendGrid offers email delivery services and marketing tools, essential for businesses in managing email communications and marketing campaigns.

Practical Example

A digital marketing agency using SendGrid for email campaign management and analytics would categorize these expenses under 'Email Delivery and Marketing Software'.

Specialized Expense

For smaller businesses or startups using SendGrid for basic email services, it might be categorized under 'General Email Tools'.


SendGrid's specialization in email delivery and marketing places it within the 'Software' expense category, particularly for email-related purposes.

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As we scale we need tools that are built to scale with us - we need to see expenses real time, we need to see duplicate spend. These types of insights are important to the health of our business.
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