The future of finance is here, and it’s running on Ramp.

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Save time, reduce costs, empower teams, and uncover opportunities with Ramp Intelligence.
Take a look at the latest AI features, available for early access.

Let Ramp do your expenses

Save your time for the real work, with auto-generated receipts and categorization powering error-free expense submission.
Done for you
All you have to do is swipe the card. Automatic receipt collection and matching saves hours each week.
Accurate every time
Eliminate guesswork and ensure approvals with AI-generated fields, categories, and memos.
Always in policy
Ramp flags non-compliant expenses and automatically notifies employees of out-of-policy spend.
“There are a lot of repetitive tasks that can be automated in finance, and the more time we can free up to analyze, make more strategic decisions, the better off our business is.”
Matt Dougherty
Sr. Director of Finance, Crossbeam

Vendor Management
Get the best price on software

Price Intelligence uses millions of Ramp transactions to help you understand whether you are paying too much for software.
Crowd-sourced data
Know exactly how much software should cost without having to ask your network. Ramp’s data is sourced from real transactions.
Instant comparisons
Upload a contract and Ramp will benchmark your price so you immediately know if you’re getting a good deal.
Cost-per-user detail
Understand the cost per user price across multiple software SKUs for more successful negotiations.
“I do as much due diligence as possible but it’s like throwing a dart—having the data from Ramp will reduce the time spent and lessen my anxiety around whether I got the best price.”
Michael Guiney
Director of Finance, Greynoise

Smart Accounting
Speed up monthly close

Keep accurate books with Ramp’s auto-coding. Process thousands of transactions, and review flagged expenses only.
Accurate coding
Each employee receipt is automatically collected, coded, and categorized.
Streamlined bookkeeping
Ramp uses AI and learns from you to suggest precise coding based on your actions and expert accountant insights
Faster final review
Process countless transactions effortlessly, reviewing only flagged issues that require attention.
“Why do I have to code the same transaction every month the same way? It was software last month, it’ll be software this month, and the next. This is the kind of busy work Ramp gets rid of so I can focus on actually running the business.”
Maurice Harary
Founder, Fluz App

Accelerate your work

Meet your new smart assistant. Copilot uses AI to answer your questions, build approval workflows, and suggest ways to reduce costs.
Faster analysis
Get detailed transaction data and recommendations to learn more, so you can quickly identify what you need for analysis.
Full transparency
Copilot’s answers include full transparency into the financial data that supports its answers. No need to validate or second guess.
More free time
Want to automate complex tasks? Just ask. Copilot can set up configurations, build approval workflows, or customize a report.
“Part of the reason we chose Ramp is because they’ve baked AI into the tool in a really thoughtful way. Ramp's automation allows us to move so much faster and remain focused on what really matters: our creators and event attendees.”
Laura Moreno
Sr. Manager, Global AP, Eventbrite
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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee.
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