Expense policies that work—for everyone

Learn how to automate your expense policies to control spend in real time.
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Expense policies that work—for everyone


Be honest: does your current expense policy work? If your finance team are chasing employees for receipts and everyone dreads "doing" expenses at the end of the month, the answer is no. Today, finance teams spend too much time reviewing expenses retroactively and bugging employees for receipts. It's time to take a smarter, flexible approach to expense policies—one based on pre-approved spend, real-time checks, and automated reconciliation.

Key Takeaways:

In this e-book, we'll share: 

  • How the best expense policies are structured
  • An 8-step framework for designing your own expense policy
  • Best practices for pre-approving expenses and blocking out-of-policy spend

What you'll learn

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