Finance automation: the key to finance-led growth

Learn how to transform your finance team from a cost center to a growth driver.
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Finance automation: the key to finance-led growth


The rise in fintech has confirmed that finance automation is the future for modernization of finance organizations and operations. So why are so many businesses not utilizing their finance automation to its fullest potential, and instead dealing with issues like wasted spend and a lack of real-time visibility? How can you avoid the same pitfalls? In this report, we analyze how finance leaders are approaching finance-led growth and the challenges that stand in their way. It surveys the state of automation and FinOps at small and mid-sized organizations across the U.S.

You'll learn about strategies to help your team implement finance automation best practices, including how to leverage your FinOps to achieve faster growth.

What you'll learn

Key findings




“If I had more time, I would block off a few days every month to think about what I need to rebuild, find better ideas, and whiteboard concepts instead of building on top of things.”
Jonah Remz, Head of Finance, Capchase

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