See where companies are cutting costs

Business leaders are making critical decisions about where to spend and where to conserve resources in light of changing market conditions. Download the report to see how your company's expenses compare.
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2022 Q2 spending benchmarks


What you'll learn

See where businesses are dialing back and where they’re continuing to invest, based on hundreds of thousands of transactions made by Ramp customers. Download this report to see how your spending compares.

Key findings


Overall transaction volume rose in Q2 as compared to Q1 across most major expense categories, but fluctuations in spend reflected ongoing economic uncertainty.


T&E expenses shot up 48% with increased transaction volume for flights, restaurants, and hotels. However there are signs that cuts may be looming.


Enterprises cut back on professional services while SMBs invested in this category, suggesting the latter are supplementing their workforce with agencies and contractors.
“Ramp’s data reveals how business leaders are reacting to market challenges, and making tough tradeoffs between growth-oriented spending and cost-cutting measures.”
Fiona Lee, Head of Content, Ramp

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