What new company spend datasets reveal

We've increased the breadth of data in our quarterly report, with new merchant spend analysis and metro cuts to help companies make wiser spending decisions.
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2022 Q3 spending benchmarks


What you'll learn

See where businesses are cutting costs and where they’re continuing to invest, based on hundreds of thousands of transactions made by Ramp customers. Download this report to see how your spending compares.

Key findings


Overall expenses stayed flat as businesses focused on cost efficiency and shifted their spend from ads to software. Software overtook general merchandise as the second-largest expense category.


Mid-market and enterprise companies reduced total spend but they’ve reserved budget for larger purchases. In contrast, SMBs held back on big purchases and decreased discretionary spending in categories like restaurants and general merchandise.


Businesses in different top metros are reacting differently to economic headwinds with companies in San Diego, Denver and Washington D.C. reducing spend, while Austin, Miami, and Boston businesses grew spend by more that 10%.
"People have asked why we publish this report for free when we could sell this data. But we're not about that at Ramp."
Alex Song, VP of Finance & Capital Markets, Ramp

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