New datasets show emerging business spending trends

Our latest report shares insights from over $10B of aggregate annual spend across 13,000+ Ramp customers. Leverage our data to unlock savings and drive better financial decisions for your company.
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2022 Q4 spending benchmarks


What you'll learn

See where businesses are cutting costs and where they’re continuing to invest, based on hundreds of thousands of transactions made by Ramp customers. Download this report to see how your spending compares.

Key findings


Bellwether categories like T&E, shipping, and utility costs indicate inflation is abating, meaning more cash available for top-line growth investments.


Despite layoffs dominating the headlines, companies invested in office space—specifically co-working spaces like WeWork—to boost employee productivity.


While the latest jobs report shows hiring picking up, our data show electronic spend continues to trend downward, suggesting it's not quite a job seekers market.
"People have asked why we publish such a comprehensive report for free when others in market are selling much less rigorous datasets. At Ramp, we believe democratizing great data helps finance leaders succeed."
Alex Song, VP of Finance & Capital Markets, Ramp

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