Control spend before it happens

Set limits that are automatically enforced when employees spend—down to the merchant and transaction level.
Restrict what employees spend on
Create cards for any use case with category and merchant level controls. Ramp easily supports everything from travel to per diems and SaaS subscriptions.

Block entire categories

Create cards that cannot be used in specific categories like dining or travel.

Vendor-specific cards

Spin up a card for each vendor & maximize control with limits that prevent surplus charges.
Set card limits down to the daily level
Create cards with limits that refresh on schedule as often as daily. Add vendor restrictions for recurring big ticket expenses like SaaS software.
Prevent charges on big ticket items
Control the largest expenses with limits at the transaction level. Give employees the flexibility to request exceptions to get what they need.

With Ramp, the people who are expected to be spending have access to their own corporate card that I can control in real time.

Christina Cooksey
Head of Creative Production, Red Antler

Time is money. Save both.

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