Unlimited virtual cards for your business

Ramp's virtual cards are crafted to effectively meet your business needs, ensuring secure and efficient transactions for any type of spending, from one-time to recurring payments.

Instantly issue virtual cards to your team

Easily provide virtual business cards to your employees. With just a few clicks and they'll have instant access to funds, making purchasing straightforward and hassle-free.

Take complete control of your business spending

Manage spending limits, track expenses effortlessly, and ensure full compliance. Perfect for robust financial management across all departments.

Streamline your systems with virtual card integration

Streamline expense management and boost financial reporting accuracy by integrating Ramp's virtual cards.
A Ramp card with settings on top of it.  One blocks Taco Bell, one blocks "Alcohol and Bars" and one is a $500/month limit.

Maximize control and savings with easy virtual cards

Earn an average of 5%1  savings on all your spending, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Empower your business to make smarter financial decisions and propel growth.

Effectively manage your team's expenses

Ramp's expense management platform automatically monitors transactions, identifying and flagging any non-compliant spending, streamlining your team's financial oversight.

Physical cards for on-the-go transactions

Connect your employees' physical and virtual Ramp cards to ensure secure and easy payments anywhere. This setup maintains the flexibility of virtual cards while supporting in-person transactions.


What is a virtual credit card?
Virtual credit cards operate like traditional cards with all the necessary details for online use. They are perfect for securely managing one-time or recurring e-payments, with the advantage of quick issuance and cancellation for enhanced flexibility.
What are virtual cards used for?

Virtual cards offer secure online and phone payment options, allowing users to easily stop charges on subscriptions or control spend on expenses. They are ideal for single-use transactions, providing added security for sensitive payments. Further, virtual cards are beneficial for budget management across multiple campaigns or usage-based charges, serving as flexible financial instruments that strengthen security and help manage spending across a variety of use cases.

What security advantages do virtual cards offer?

Virtual cards offer increased security because they cannot be physically stolen and do not store personal information, reducing the risk of data breaches. They can be set for one-time use and have spending limits to prevent overcharges. Furthermore, if a virtual card is compromised, it can be easily canceled and instantly reissued.

What are the benefits of virtual credit cards?

Virtual credit cards simplify accounts payable and vendor management by eliminating manual entries. They enhance cash flow visibility and protect against fraud, making them cost-effective for businesses.

Do virtual cards impact my business credit score?

Using a virtual business credit card for business transactions does not impact your personal credit score if linked to a corporate account, providing an extra layer of security and protecting against fraudulent charges that could harm your credit.

What makes Ramp a suitable choice for your business's virtual card solution?

Ramp’s virtual cards provide strong security and flexible financial management with seamless integration into existing accounting systems, helping businesses save significantly on every transaction. The solution adapts to diverse business needs, making it a practical choice for companies of all sizes.