Scroll if you hate submitting expense reports...

> Your finance software is not working for you.

> These tools haven’t evolved in decades_


drowning your finance team in busy work and admin tasks_

preventing them from seeing the full picture_

and your business is paying the price.

Dear Roger, please submit your $&%*^@ receipts!!!
Why are we paying for 5 subscriptions?
Still waiting on those expense reports
How many people are paying for Office?
Did you update the spreadsheet?
What’s AMEXSC55676?
What’s this weird charge on the exec card?
Where’s that receipt?
Who has the card?
Who spent $1,000 on a flight?

Meanwhile, every company is busy marketing points and perks...

1X on bars
3X on flights
1X on ads
2X on rideshare
1X on hotels
2X on dining

...designed to get you to spend more.

MoneyExpenses GifDanny Devito burning moneyBurning credit card

Ramp is building software that helps you spend less.

Meet the only finance automation platform designed to save you time and money.

Ramp spend management platform
Ramp Card
Set your spending policies and let Ramp be the bad guy
  • Digitize your expense policy and get every employee to sign
  • Embed spend limits and restrictions directly onto Ramp cards
  • Define approval workflows for any kind of expense
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