Accounts payable software with no manual work

Ramp Bill Pay automates your entire accounts payable workflow so every bill is recorded, approved, and paid without any data entry or repetitive tasks.
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Effortless accounts payable software

Eliminate data entry

Process more bills in less time with higher accuracy. Ramp Bill Pay uses AI to automatically extract key details from invoices and remembers how you code, streamlining your AP process.

Instantly strengthen controls 

Minimize the risk of fraud and payment errors. Bill Pay identifies duplicate invoices, routes approvals for you, and 2-way matches to purchase orders.

Never miss a bill

Get complete visibility into the status of every bill and payment so you can accurately forecast cash flow and ensure bills are paid on time.

Use any payment method

No need to use multiple payment systems and consolidate all your payment methods in a single platform. Pay domestic and global vendors by check, card, same-day ACH or international wire.

Sync more to save time

Integrate with popular accounting solutions to auto-sync bill pay transactions and pull-in purchase orders and amortization schedules, accelerating your AP workflow.

AP automation software that does more

Pay global vendors across 195 countries in USD or in 40 foreign currencies.
Extend payment terms on your bills and smooth out cash flows in seconds.
Ramp automatically tracks all your vendor data and transactions, so you can easily analyze your spend and discover insights.


What is Ramp Bill Pay?
Ramp Bill Pay is accounts payable software fully integrated in the Ramp platform. Bill Pay allows users to automate bill entries, approvals, and payments while providing robust financial controls.
What payment options can I use in Ramp Bill Pay?

Pay bills by ACH or Same-Day ACH, Card, Check, or international wire (USD or in foreign currency) directly from Ramp Bill Pay. Learn more.

How does Ramp issue check payments?

Once a bill is approved for payment, Ramp will debit your connected bank account on the scheduled payment date and issue a check on your behalf. Learn more.

How can I pay a bill with a Ramp card?

Use an existing Ramp card or instantly generate a one-time virtual card to pay for bills. Once a bill is approved for payment, input the card details in the vendor’s payment portal and the bill will automatically be marked as paid. Learn more.

How can I extend payment terms on my bills?

Use Ramp Flex to pay bills on 30, 60, or 90 day terms. Get access to interest free capital in seconds with no hidden fees or penalties. Learn more.

Can I generate an AP Aging report in Ramp Bill Pay?

Download a CSV AP Aging report directly from Ramp Bill Pay. Get a summary on the status of unpaid bills, showing what you owe, who you owe it to, and how much is overdue. Learn more.

Can I set up recurring bills?

Recurring bills can be set up directly in Ramp’s accounts payable software to make routine vendor payments even easier to manage. Customize the frequency and ending date and Ramp will handle the rest. Learn more.

Can Ramp amortize bills?

Ramp supports amortization for your bills with our NetSuite integration. Sync any existing Amortization Templates created in Netsuite and apply them to bills in Ramp Bill Pay. Learn more.

How does Ramp collect vendor ACH payment details?

Ramp collects vendor ACH payment details in two ways. If payment instructions are provided on the vendor invoice, Ramp will automatically extract them along with the additional vendor information to create a vendor record. You also have the ability to request ACH details from your vendor directly from Ramp Bill Pay. Learn more.

Can Ramp collect and store vendor W9 tax information?

Add vendor W9 tax information directly into the vendor record or request W9 tax information directly from Ramp. Vendor tax information and payment history can be exported as a CSV for hassle-free 1099 processing. Learn more.

Can I import purchase orders into Ramp Bill Pay?

Yes, import and two-way match purchase orders created in NetSuite or Quickbooks to Bills in Ramp for a seamless PO-to-Bill workflow. Once PO-linked bills are paid in Ramp and the transactions are synced back to your ERP, a three-way match can be enabled. Learn more.

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