Blazing fast bill payments

Harness hyper-accurate AI to process hundreds of invoices in seconds, and pay your vendors via card, ACH, or check.
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Invoice to bill—in an instant

A for effortless
Ramp can process hundreds of invoices in seconds and present them all for your review. You’ll save about 10 minutes per invoice.
Scary accurate
Only Ramp can extract vendors, line items, amounts, and payment details with such incredible accuracy—99.9% to be exact.

Set it in motion and sit back.

Get sign-off
Create your approval policies and let software chase the right people down before a payment is scheduled.
Onboard vendors
Avoid costly mistakes. Send your vendors a secure link to verify their details and get payment updates.
Make any payment
Way easier than your bank. Use Ramp to pay your vendors with either a secure virtual card that gives you 1.5% back, physical checks, or ACH.

Precise books by default

Direct sync

A single source of truth, full auditability, updated in real time on your ERP.

Every line, every field

Pull in your GL and any other custom field, and categorize every line item in a few clicks.

Experience the
Ramp advantage

Ramp’s focussed on maximizing your businesses most precious resources: every minute and dollar.