October 10, 2022
Product update

Ramp x AngelList Stack’s integration for hyper-growth startups looking to scale

VC-backed startups have long been subject to recurring issues that impede business growth. Business-critical tools that are often disjointed, cumbersome to integrate, and can’t effectively manage burn rates have stymied scaling. And these issues only compound as a business grows. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with AngelList Stack, who shares our common goal of helping startups scale and improving their financial wellness. We’re now teaming up to provide the first-ever corporate card and finance automation platform to integrate with AngelList Stack and provide a much-needed solution to these challenges. 

AngelList Stack offers the tools startups need to accomplish vital tasks such as equity management, banking, fundraising, and analytics, while Ramp’s corporate charge card and spend management tools help companies extend their runway and manage cash flow. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Ramp x AngelList Stack can help manage your overall business and spend in one place.  

Ramp x AngelList’s integration 

AngelList Stack provides all the tooling you need to seamlessly manage your company’s cap table, fundraising, employee offer letters, and more, all in one intuitive dashboard.

Now, Ramp’s API integration with AngelList Stack will also allow AngelList Stack customers to view, manage, and control their Ramp spend directly from the AngelList Stack dashboard.

Finance tools, designed for scale 

With this new integration, AngelList Stack users will have access to Ramp’s best-in-class capabilities. Ramp’s business cards and financial tools are built by founders, for founders. A common issue for rocketship startups is out of control spend. Ramp helps eliminate wasteful and out-of-policy expenditures and enables customers to make faster and more informed decisions via:

Extend your runway 

Issue unlimited physical and virtual cards directly from the AngelList Stack dashboard with 1.5% cashback on everything. Our dedicated procurement team trims an average of 2.7% off your largest monthly software contracts, so you’ll be able to access the cash you need while saving money each month.

Control at scale

Control spend before it happens with tailor-made rules and policies. With our new integration, AngelList Stack customers can issue cards with spending restrictions for categories like Software / SaaS, Per Diem, and Travel & Expenses. 

AngelList also provides businesses guidance on ideal limits, based on best practices they’ve learned from successful founders, so you can spend with confidence.

Get full visibility 

Access real-time details of every business expense inside the Stack dashboard with spend visibility tools that can help manage runway and show spend by employee, department, and location. Plus, receipt-matching, auto-verification, and reimbursements all-in-one place.

Ramp x AngelList: the perfect team for hyper-growth startups 

Looking for a better way to manage your spend and business needs? Sign up today.

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Pavan Reddy is on the Partnerships team and focuses on negotiating and launching product integrations across Ramp’s wide partner ecosystem. Previously, he spent four years at Meta (formerly Facebook) working on partnerships for products like Instagram, Messenger, Oculus, and Portal.

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