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As startups scale, financial responsibilities that were previously juggled by a full-time employee, often the CEO, become untenable. Growing teams need to delegate their financial responsibilities in order to move the business forward, but can often feel overwhelmed about how to do so. 

We’re excited to address this vacuum of information by partnering with Stripe Atlas to create a resource that can help finance leaders navigate these challenges. In the “Startup guide to hiring and managing your finance team”, Ramp’s co-founder and CEO, Eric Glyman, delves into exactly what startups need to do to establish a thriving finance function. This advice is based on Eric’s two-time founder experience and Ramp’s work with thousands of finance teams.  

How our guide is helping businesses optimize their finance function

Eric explains crucial insights such as what to look for in your first finance hire, sample interview questions to help you identify the right candidate, best practices for building a team, and a hiring plan blueprint for your first four years. 

Our key findings 

Key findings from the guide include:

  • Investment experience is being prioritized as a critical skill for job candidates: Due to the rise of venture capital, companies are reassessing hiring priorities and searching for candidates that excel at investor relations and building models, rather than just having a solid accounting background.

  • Startups are increasingly relying on fractional CFOs as a solution: Owing to greater acceptance within the startup community and technology decreasing the cost of outsourcing financial resources, fractional CFOs are rising in popularity for many startups. 
  • Focus on hiring specialists as you grow: A team full of generalists is fine in the beginning, but once you reach five hires, it’s time to search for specialists.
  • Building a remote team? Make sure to invest in payroll expertise: A payroll specialist who can manage the technicalities of making hires from different states and countries can save you a world of headaches and stress. 

Check out the full guide 

Download the full guide today.

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Former Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Ramp
Prior to Ramp, Stefanie worked as a finance reporter at Institutional Investor, where she covered everything from options to pension funds. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in English and a concentration in journalism and later earned an MA in education from NYU. When she isn't immersed in content and thought leadership, Stefanie loves to play any and all racquet sports.
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How Ramp helped Viking Well Service institute a more efficient expense management process

“Having the purchase order and bills all in one place just makes a whole lot more sense for the type of business that Viking’s doing, because you can simplify it down to a one-line-item type deal. That’s really important for control purposes, for visibility."
Chris Lowdermilk, Senior Controller, Viking Well Service

How Ramp Procurement helped NPHY simplify, save time, and improve transparency

“Before Ramp Procurement, requests could take up to a month. Now the process is complete in a matter of days, meaning we can get much needed supplies and focus on delivering care to our clients (teenagers in crisis) faster.”
Michelle LaBonney, Director of Finance & Operations, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

How Betterment manages corporate spend for five entities with Ramp

“With Ramp, we can save rules directly to the card. Transactions from any of our monthly vendors come in already coded, so that’s been a huge time saver.”
Marianne Hawes, Senior Accountant, Betterment

How Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law prepared for scale with Ramp

"I used to have to call our card provider and sit on the phone for a couple hours a week, I don’t have to do that with Ramp.”
Wayne Robinson, CFO, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

How Ramp helped Smart City Apartment Locating save time, expedite month close, and grow sustainably

"Five to 15 hours each month of non-value-add activities are off my plate. I’m able to be a strategic advisor versus just a tactical manager when it comes to spend management.”
Dustin Walsted, VP Finance, Smart City Apartment Locating

How TaskHuman built their runway with Ramp

“I’ve pretty much seen or used everything that’s out there, everything does something Ramp does, but nothing does everything Ramp does.”
Matthew Ferguson, Controller, TaskHuman

How First Tee transformed its bookkeeping and saved time with PwC and Ramp

"The efficiency of using PwC Bookkeeping Connect, coupled with the Ramp platform, has probably been about 75% time savings. Instead of every hour I would have had to spend on bookkeeping, I’m probably having to spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes.”
Dan Burke, CEO, First Tee San Francisco