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Spending made smarter
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We recently crunched the numbers and found that the average 200-person company now spends over 330 hours per year processing expense reports. Managing expenses and other everyday financial processes have long been a source of wasted time and money. And with the cost of goods and labor on the rise and finance talent in short supply, finance leaders must look for ways to streamline their operations in 2024.

Ramp helps customers recoup these hours by making expense reporting unbelievably efficient for every single employee. Today, we’re rolling out new expense intelligence to help admins catch out-of-policy spend better than humans can, smart transaction routing and review experience to help employees and managers save time on the go, and enterprise-grade integrations for Microsoft and ADP Workforce Now® to make expenses even easier to manage. 

New capabilities for effortless expense management 

Traditional corporate cards and expense management tools force you to audit spend after transactions take place and burden employees with paperwork. Through combining corporate cards and expense management into a single platform, however, Ramp allows finance teams to set controls that activate before employees spend, which ultimately helps businesses spend smarter—all while eliminating expense reports to save time for employees. Here’s what we’ve built recently to help you save even more:  

Get expenses done faster in Microsoft Teams

Ramp is now available where hundreds of millions of people love to work: Microsoft Teams. No more toggling between systems—employees on Microsoft 365 can submit receipts right within Teams while managers and admins can review new spend requests and transactions. 

And because Ramp is an early partner building on Teams Copilot for Microsoft 365, admins and employees can use natural language in Teams to ask questions about spending policies and have Copilot complete a wide range of smart actions on Ramp, from analyzing spending patterns (e.g., “how much has Sales spent on T&E this month?”), to setting spend controls (e.g., “limit Uber transactions to < $150 per trip”), creating real-time alerts (e.g., “notify me if a transaction is > $1000”) and much more. Learn more

“We’re pleased to work with Ramp to unlock even more value for these businesses through intelligent financial automation.” - Srini Raghavan, Vice President of PM, Microsoft Teams Ecosystem

Catch out-of-policy expenses better than humans can

Some prohibited spending is simply impossible for a finance admin to catch, like out-of-policy charges buried at the bottom of line-item receipts. Finance teams used to only catch other common issues—like excessive tipping, weekend transactions, and unapproved alcohol purchases—if they scrutinized expense reports line by line. With Ramp, finance teams can designate these scenarios and more as out-of-policy, and let our expense intelligence automatically flag them.

Easily keep employee data in sync with our new ADP® integration

Our new integration with leading HR and payroll provider ADP Workforce Now® helps admins on ADP simplify how they onboard new employees, bulk-issue benefits, and spin up new corporate cards. ADP clients can find Ramp on ADP Marketplace for a simpler way of managing all payroll and non-payroll spend, without having to coordinate between tens of different solutions, manually add new employees to disparate systems, and track individual expenses and reimbursements.1    

Set up controls for every dollar & let Ramp automatically apply the right ones

Admins can confidently issue spend programs and cards with custom controls, knowing Ramp will route transactions to the right limit. Employees need only swipe with their single credit card, and the transaction will be approved or declined depending on available spend limits and their parameters. No more digging through Ramp for the right one.

Easily review transactions with our mobile app

Ramp’s mobile app supports expense review to help busy admins and managers monitor their team’s reimbursements, spend requests, and transactions while on the go. Managers can even lock cards for non-compliant employees. 

Frictionless software that automates expense management for you

Our new capabilities combined with all the finance automation that we’ve built since day one unlock an entirely new approach to expense management—one where finance teams can simultaneously control spend before it happens and allow employees to do their job without expense reporting slowing them down. Let’s break it down. 

Old way
New way
1. Control expenses
Audit spend after it happens
Finance admins cannot curtail employee spending, frustrating efforts to prevent unapproved expenses or achieve a real-time view of spend for reconciliation or forecasting.
Control spend before it happens
Finance admins can review spend requests before transactions happen. Software-powered cards enforce expense policies for different use cases down to the vendor level, and automatically review.
Customers using Ramp have saved over $600 million.
2. Collect expenses
Time-consuming expense reports
Employees dread expense reports—they’re tedious and time consuming. They delay doing them for so long that they lose their receipts and forget why they spent.
Expenses done with zero touch
Expense reporting is so instantaneous with receipt integrations and automated routing that employees don’t even know they’ve submitted their expenses.
Approximately 95% of transactions running through Ramp’s integrations have a receipt on the same day it clears, saving employees over 6,500 hours of time in the past six months.
3. Review and reconcile
Check transactions one by one
Managers and finance teams set aside a lot of time each month to chase team members for receipts, manually check compliance, and force awkward conversations about out-of-policy spending. Finance admins spend hours coding transactions.
Automate review and reconciliation entirely
Software auto-checks transactions against policies, and flags only the spending that requires review. Admins can request repayment for out-of-policy charges and lock cards with missing receipts. All other transactions are auto-coded and synced to the ERP.
Ramp has saved accounting teams over 2,000 hours of coding work in the past six months.
4. Reporting
Operate on outdated data
Month-end expense reports restrict finance teams to stale data for reporting—if they even have time for analysis.
Make decisions with real-time data
Expenses are tracked in real time. Up-to-date insights help finance leaders conduct faster analyses, make smarter decisions, and better adjust budgets.
Ramp cuts close time by 22% on average.

Unlock more time for growth in 2024

The data shows our first-principles approach to expense management is working. Today, over 15,000 customers save 5% of their spend on average as a result of switching to Ramp’s corporate cards with built-in expense controls, software pricing insights, and direct accounting integrations.2

From local businesses like Smart City Apartment Locating to software platforms like TaskHuman and Shopify, companies are breaking free of the old mindset where finance teams controlled spending with reactive reimbursements and cards distributed to a select few. A new generation of finance teams controls spending in real time by counterintuitively issuing software-powered corporate cards to every employee, automating expense reporting at the same time. 

After all, the best use of time for you and your employees in the new year is to find pathways for growth. With the ability to “set and forget” expense management, you can focus your energy analyzing the impact of that spend and working hand-in-hand with employees to scale the business.

Want to experience this kind of frictionless finance? Sign up for Ramp today.

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Lead Product Manager, Ramp
Isabella oversees Ramp's Spend Management products, developing cutting edge automation to help customers save time and money on expenses. Prior to Ramp, she was at Twitter for over 4 years, leading the Home Experience product team.
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