April 6, 2021
Product update

Introducing the “Save in 1Password” button in partnership with 1Password


We’re thrilled to be partnering with 1Password, a password manager that makes securing your business simple, for the initial rollout of the “Save in 1Password” button.

At Ramp, the safety and security of our customers come first. Ramp customers can now store all their card details with 1Password in just one click using the “Save in 1Password” button.

Ramp cards to 1Password in 1 click

Starting today, Ramp customers will see the “Save in 1Password” button when they sign into the Ramp dashboard, only if they have 1Password installed. 

When they click the button, 1Password will offer to save their payment card details and, from then on, 1Password will automatically surface those payment card details at checkout whenever an online purchase is made.

Through our partnership with 1Password, expanding how we work with online security is just another step toward providing Ramp customers the best online checkout experience.

“We're dedicated to building cutting-edge technology and incredible user experiences that maximize every dollar invested in a business. Our partnership with 1Password helps us continue to improve and deliver that experience. The 'Save in 1Password' button further simplifies the process, letting companies focus on accelerating growth without compromising on their finances." – Karim Atiyeh, Co-founder & CTO, Ramp

To celebrate our partnership, Ramp customers signing up for a new 1Password Teams or 1Password Business account can get a $100 credit applied to their account. 

How the “Save in 1Password” button gives Ramp customers more control over their spend 

More than 80,000 businesses trust 1Password with their data, and 99.4% of them store a payment card in their 1Password account, making that card the default payment method for business purchases.

For Ramp customers, it just got even easier to keep tabs on cards, easily manage all vendors, and control spend. They can spin up unlimited virtual cards for each vendor, name it, and the card shows up with the associated name at checkout.

“1Password is always on a mission to simplify online security. Partnering with Ramp to make it easier to use and secure payment details is a fantastic example of this, creating an effortless experience for businesses. Security can be simple with the right tools and the right mindset.” – Jeff Shiner, CEO, 1Password

For privacy, payment card data is never stored on 1Password servers, the transaction takes place solely on the customer’s device, and no unencrypted data is transmitted. 

Join us 

We’re so excited about the huge potential of the “Save in 1Password” button, and provide users with an online experience where they can manage all vendors, control spend, and store cards securely. 

With all the possibilities, we’re looking forward to partnering with more businesses very soon. If you’d like to partner with Ramp, get in touch.

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