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August 8, 2023

Q2 Ramp Rewind: New AI and Ramp edition to free finance teams from busywork

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Webinar: Intro to Ramp Plus
Sept. 28th, 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT

Editor’s note: We publish quarterly Ramp Rewind posts to get you up to speed on the latest product features and updates. Check out our new Product Announcements page for more frequent updates.

The arrival of August means fall and pumpkin-spiced lattes are around the corner. For those of you who are looking at your to-do list and wondering where this year has gone, Ramp is here to help. From AI capabilities to new Ramp editions, our latest innovations are designed to help you streamline even the most complex finance operations and recoup time for valuable work. 

Catch up on what we’ve released in recent months. 

Get the best price for your software

Got vendor details scattered across spreadsheets? Missing important contract renewal deadlines? Ramp’s Vendor Management solution auto-tracks your vendors and contracts in one place so you can easily uncover spend insights and stay on top of critical contract details, such as renewal dates. 

The solution includes built-in Price Intelligence and we’ve been delighted by your enthusiastic response to the feature. Customers are using Price Intelligence to lock in fairer pricing for the most popular software vendors. If you haven't already, give it a try: Ramp uses spend data provided by thousands of businesses and millions of Ramp transactions to help you compare pricing down to individual SKUs and cost per seat. If you find that you’re overpaying, we'll even negotiate with your vendors. Businesses using Ramp’s negotiation service have saved an average of 17.5% on software contracts (about $21,500). Try Price Intelligence

“Being armed with that benchmark data, that will ease the mental gymnastics I go through but more importantly, it will save our company real dollars.” - Michael Guiney, Director of Finance, Greynoise

Speed up your month-end with Ramp Intelligence 

We’ve continued to add to our roster of AI features. In addition to Price Intelligence, you can now use new GPT-powered capabilities for receipt collection and month-end coding. 

For instance, Ramp can now auto-generate IRS-compliant receipts for transactions under $75, freeing up hours for your team each week. Turn on auto-generated receipts → 

Ramp helps your employees save even more time when they’re coding transactions with AI-powered GL account suggestions, based on thousands of past transactions on the platform. These suggestions have helped finance teams automate up to 20% of manual coding and ensure consistent categorization. 

Ramp also saves admins time by proactively suggesting rules to automate repetitive coding.  Surfaced on the Accounting tab, these rules are based on how you’ve previously coded past transactions and other accepted practices. Learn about Ramp Intelligence

We’ve rolled out new actions for Ramp’s smart assistant Copilot to help you perform faster analysis. Use the keyboard shortcut CMD+K to trigger Copilot. You can use plain English input to quickly navigate to different areas of Ramp or execute actions, like “View reimbursement requests for Yunyu Lin.” Go to your Ramp dashboard to try Copilot → 

Scale complex finance operations with Ramp Plus

We heard your requests for increased flexibility, scale, and deeper integrations with existing systems. To support these needs, we’re excited to share that a new edition of Ramp’s core platform is coming this September.

Called Ramp Plus, this edition will allow you to:

  • Control spend with a new procure-to-pay solution. Teams can capture spend requests in one centralized location, loop in the right teams for approval, and track purchase orders through to payment.
  • Operate anywhere in the world with global expenses and payments. Manage domestic and international entities with consolidated global spend and support for multiple entities, multiple currencies, tax reporting, and debiting (for CAD, UK, and EU). 
  • Drive efficiency by automating complex workflows. Use Ramp’s rules-based workflow builder to automate everything from employee onboarding to procurement and payment approvals. 
  • Prevent overspending with enhanced controls and policy enforcement. Ramp monitors transactions on your behalf and flags only out-of-policy expenses that require additional review. Auto-lock cards if employees don’t submit their receipts and mandate manager transaction reviews.
  • Deepen integration, with a wide suite of HRIS and accounting solutions. 

Ramp Plus will be available in September as an optional, paid plan. Our flagship product consisting of Ramp’s corporate card and accounts payable automation remains free. As a thank you to our early customers whose feedback has helped us build up Ramp over the years, existing SMBs and mid-market business customers will automatically get a complimentary upgrade to Ramp Plus for one year. Register for our webinar to learn more → 

Never miss another Ramp update 

These are just a few of the innovative features we’ve added in the last three months and we’re excited to continue to build more to set your finance team free from busywork. Check out our brand new Product Announcements page to stay on top of all of our product releases, including the following: 

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How First Tee transformed its bookkeeping and saved time with PwC and Ramp

"The efficiency of using PwC Bookkeeping Connect, coupled with the Ramp platform, has probably been about 75% time savings. Instead of every hour I would have had to spend on bookkeeping, I’m probably having to spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes.”
Dan Burke, CEO, First Tee San Francisco

How Mix Talent cut costs, gained transparency, and improved efficiency with Ramp

"I use Ramp’s functionality to examine the contracts and understand whether we’re getting the best terms, as opposed to just trying to get the bill paid. Ramp has allowed us to project cash flow so much better."
Paul Streitenberger, Accounting & Finance Lead, Mix Talent

How The Joffrey Ballet cut their month-end close time with Ramp

“One of the things I was looking for, and which Ramp has done for me beautifully, is to consolidate credit cards, ACH payments, check payments, and reimbursements into one place and give us a full picture for insights."
Gee Hoon Lim, Director of Finance, The Joffrey Ballet

How Beyond sped up reconciliation time 8x faster with Ramp

“With Ramp we close in 5-6 days, which is pretty quick for a company with four different subsidiaries."
Jake Steele, Senior Staff Accountant, Beyond

How Ramp helped Barry’s save 400 hours/month on expense report headaches

“As we scale we need tools that are built to scale with us - we need to see expenses real time, we need to see duplicate spend. These types of insights are important to the health of our business.”
Steve Padis, SVP Finance & Strategy, Barry’s

How Seed optimized card management, increased compliance, and prepared for scale with Ramp

“Ramp is helping us build a closed loop of financial feedback if you will, we’ve gained visibility, accuracy, and control.”
Sarah Bird, Controller, Seed

How Ramp enabled Glossier to save 5 hours/week and easily integrate with NetSuite

“We were in disbelief. We were not prepared for the speed of execution.”
Roxane Cosnard des Closets, Senior Manager of Financial Systems at Glossier