November 16, 2022

Partnering with accounting firms to save clients time and money


Here at Ramp, we share the same goals as accounting service providers of helping businesses reach their potential. We’re building product innovations and partner programs to push accounting forward to present time. That’s why we’re launching Ramp for Accounting Firms

Ramp already helps over 10,000 businesses control spend, save time, and automate busywork. Many of them rely on accounting firms for their day-to-day bookkeeping. These firms see value in the tools we're building, with the number of businesses on Ramp referred through accounting partners growing 6x in the last year alone. Now, with Ramp for Accounting Firms, we’re announcing new product experiences, services and dedicated programs specifically designed to help accounting firms save their clients money and increase operational efficiency. 

“Most CPA firms tend to think about value from the client or the business side, but Ramp has provided critical operational value that has made our life infinitely easier” - Scott Orn, COO, Kruze

In a time where accounting firms are eager to introduce more technology for their clients as well as within their own practices, finding the right long-term partner to support and innovate alongside them is vital to long-term growth. 

Products purpose-built for accounting firms

Accounting firms are powering small businesses nationwide. Servicing these businesses in a more impactful way requires a modern platform that empowers advisory, streamlines accountant workflows, and improves the end-client experience. At Ramp, we’re developing innovative tools designed to improve the accounting experience and support successful advisory services, which include:

  • New Advisor Console: Ramp’s brand new Advisor Console is an intuitive and secure solution for managing all of your Ramp clients in one place. Now you can easily manage staff roles and permissions as you assign clients across your team. Security is key for the Advisor Console, and each user will have their own unique Unified Login, which makes auditing and revoking staff access a smooth experience.  If you're interested in getting early access to the Advisor Console, sign up here.

  • Powerful Ramp platform: Ramp already provides 5-in-1 software that offers corporate cards, bill payments, expense management, reporting, and accounting in one centralized platform  By giving you access to a variety of payment methods, you can help clients better manage their cash flow. We even offer payment extension for invoices so you can strategically manage client assets while ensuring vendors are paid on time. And all of your payments and vendor details sync to your accounting system/ERP automatically, eliminating manual or duplicative work. 

  • Seamless accounting automations: We've continued to expand the features for our integrations to NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero to make the closing process easier. You can amortize your bills, report on sales tax, and sync transactions in multiple currencies (all on NetSuite), as well as connect multiple entities (Sage/NetSuite) with Ramp. We are also excited to announce advanced accounting rules, improving the automation experience to allow for conditional coding of transactions across your organization. 

Exclusive benefits for accounting partners 

By partnering with Ramp, you’ll have access to: 

Enhanced partner rewards program: Receive aggregated client insights, referral payouts, and co-marketing opportunities.

Expanded Advisor Directory: Generate leads for your practice through marketing your services to existing Ramp clients (available at the Silver status and beyond) through our accounting partners directory. Unlock further access as you advance through the Ramp partner rewards program. 

Dedicated partner support: Ramp’s accounting partner success team is made up of former accountants / CPAs who have the necessary product knowledge and industry expertise to support your firm and clients in reaching your goals. By leveraging decades of experience in the accounting industry, our team is poised to provide best-in-class white-glove support, including:

  • Instructor-led trainings for your firm 
  • Ongoing education and enablement
  • Ensuring smooth onboarding for clients new to Ramp 
"Ramp's accounting automation software and integrations help our accounting clients achieve greater operational efficiency. We are also impressed with the responsiveness of Ramp's team and how quickly the product has grown with new features"-Colman Edwards, Sr. Director of Technology, Countsy

Helping you build your advisory services

Rather than simply acting as a vendor, we’re cultivating relationships and operating as trusted advisors. We’re supporting our accounting partners and supercharging the operational efficiency of their teams by reducing the amount of disparate systems needed to handle crucial tasks like expense management, billing, and reimbursements. By partnering with Ramp, firms are able to become more efficient and see increases in both staff engagement and client satisfaction. This opens the opportunity for accountants to allocate more of their valuable time toward the advisory services that clients are requesting. Sign up to become a Ramp accounting partner today

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Brad Gustafson
Channel Partnerships, Accounting, Ramp

Brad Gustafson is currently the leader of Ramp's Accounting Partnerships Channel. He is motivated to help build a community of accountants around Ramp who are passionate about new technologies and the opportunities they provide the accounting profession.

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