Automate employee onboarding with our Ramp +

HR Partner


Ramp integrates with

HR Partner

to help you simplify onboarding, issue employee benefits, and control spend at scale.

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Automated onboarding

Simplify onboarding and import thousands of users from
HR Partner
, lock cards and terminate users at will.
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Employee benefits at scale

Streamline cardholders across HR, IT, and Finance Operations and bulk-issue card programs at scale.
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Simplified user management

Keep employee data accurate and let Ramp automatically sync employee details from
HR Partner

Cards and software that

Connect to your HRIS in a single click

Connect Ramp to

HR Partner

and import thousands of users. Let Ramp automatically sync all your user database and match all the details.

Ramp connect your hr system
Interface of Receipts on Ramp

Roll out employee benefits in seconds

Stop wasting hours onboarding new employees. Issue benefits automatically with customized card programs you can design for wellness benefits, education stipends, and more.

Control spend at scale

Spin up cards with built-in controls and set merchant and category restrictions, and recurring spend limits that can reset daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Ramp Cards with built in controls
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Update access as your company changes

Instantly lock cards, terminate users, and update ownership when employees change roles or leave the company–all in one place.

“Ramp saves me so much time and allows me to automate the process of issuing cards to new employees.”
Oren Shatken Co-Founder of Jukebox Health
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What information will Ramp pull in from my HR provider?

Ramp will pull in several details that will be helpful for the Ramp account set up to make adding your employees more seamless than ever. When you invite an employee from Ramp, we'll pull in:

  • Their name
  • Their email address (which they'll receive an invite to)
  • Their department
  • Their manager
How can I remove Ramp accounts using my HR integration?

1. Head to the People Tab on Ramp and head to Team Updates

2. Navigate to "To terminate". This will be the list of employees that have been terminated and can have their accounts removed. Confirm the list of employees you wish to remove and their Ramp accounts will also be terminated.

How do I invite employees using our HR integration?

1. Head to settings and HR Integration

2. Click on "Invite to Ramp" to see a full list of your employees who can be invited

3. From there, you can review the employees who haven't been invited yet. Choose which ones you wish to invite to Ramp and send away!

4. Any card programs that you have set to default cards will be attached to the invite that you send out!

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