Ramp ❤ Slack

See and control company spend instantly – in Slack.

Actionable alerts.

Take action on important business alerts with your team.

Empower your team.

Request, review, and approve spend without leaving Slack.

Real-time visibility.

Streams of company-wide transactions for ultimate accountability.


Manage company spend,
directly in Slack.

We built our Slack integration to save you time, not distract you.

Take action on important business alerts.

We built this to save you time. Every message comes with an action.

Whatever you do, do it as a team.

Leverage private channels for your finance team to receive all time-sensitive Ramp alerts and take action instantly – without leaving Slack.


is right there

Request, review, and approve spend without leaving Slack.

Request spend with a single command.

Cardholders request spend directly in Slack, and provide all the information your team needs to make a decision.

Approve and issue cards.

Review and approve spend requests in seconds.


More visibility, not spam.

Create private and public channels to triage spend requests and build a culture of accountability.

Full control of notifications.

You already get enough notifications. Customize your integration and choose which alerts you'd like to receive with just a few clicks.

Shine a light on expenses.

Opt-into a culture of accountability through visibility; stream all transactions to a private or public channel.

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