April 17, 2023

Ramp Rewind: Smarter spend controls and payment automation, plus our Android debut

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Spending made smarter
Easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments —plus an average savings of 3.5%.
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Editor’s note: We publish quarterly Ramp Rewind posts to get you up to speed on the latest product features and updates. 

We’ve been hard at work developing and launching new capabilities designed to save your organization time and money. 

From new receipt integrations to more granular spend controls, we’re constantly iterating on how we can further improve the finance experience for everyone, from heads of finance to your accounting team and employees. Check out the latest roundup of Ramp innovations, including improved approval workflows, reimbursement enhancements, dark mode, and more. 

New bank referral program to help you diversify your funds

We’re expanding our solutions to give Ramp customers more control over their finances. Our new bank referral program allows you to find trusted banking partners with our priority referral program, safely diversify your funds, and manage your cash flow in real time.

Saving hours of low-value work for your employees 

Best-in-class mobile apps for team members on the go  

Our Android app is now live! With the app, you can pay for expenses using your mobile wallet and link your physical card to any virtual limit. Our integrations with Lyft, Gmail, and others will auto-match your receipts to make expense reporting easy, or you can submit expenses by simply taking a picture of a receipt.

"Ramp is easy to use and very intuitive. The integration with our Gmail makes a huge difference because it automatically matches receipts to credit card charges which saves a lot of manual work." - Lisa Baker, Finance Accounting Specialist, Fleetwatcher

The app also provides visibility on expense policies, all transactions, and spend grouped by card limit. Download the app later this month in the Google Play store. 

iOS users, your Ramp app got a few new updates also. You can now easily switch between business accounts and use the app to flag transactions, request policy exceptions, add attendees to meals, and more. 

Time-saving receipt automation with Microsoft Outlook

Our new integration with Microsoft Outlook will help your team save countless hours with automatic receipt collection and matching.

Just like our other receipt integrations (Gmail, Amazon Business, Lyft, and more), the Microsoft Outlook integration enables automatic receipt capture for any receipt sent directly to your inbox. Ramp instantly scans the receipt and matches it to the corresponding transaction via cutting-edge image recognition software. Additionally, it only accesses essential data and deletes it once it’s no longer needed.

Enabling smarter spend management with Card Limits  

We launched Card Limits, which allows you to link a physical card to any virtual card limit and reimburse against it, providing you with total control over employee spend and flexibility. 

With Ramp Card Limits, users can:

  • Link any virtual card limit to a physical card. Controls created for the virtual card are automatically applied to the physical card.
  • Assign a reimbursement towards a virtual card limit. 
  • Ma​​nage spend programs at scale while automatically classifying transactions.
  • Transact on the go and swap card limits for transactions made on your physical card.
"Managing corporate credit cards and spend through a traditional bank is laborious and tedious work. Ramp makes it easy to issue new physical and virtual cards and categorize spend. I can create rules to streamline our process by restricting cards by amount or category. I can rest easier knowing Ramp is enforcing spend policies for me." - Ryan Casupanan, Head of IT, Cadence

Helping your finance team streamline payments

Seamlessly match purchase orders on Ramp

Automatically 2-way match purchase orders created in NetSuite to bills in Ramp for a fast and seamless PO-to-Bill workflow. If a match isn’t automatically found, Ramp will list possible matches to help you quickly find the right PO. PO import and match will also be available for QuickBooks and Xero soon.

More updates behind the scenes 

Our team has been hard at work to make admin controls, reimbursements, and workflows even more powerful. Here are a few other updates you might have noticed over the last few months.

  • More sophisticated and flexible admin permissions. Owners can now control whether admins can self-issue and self-approve transactions (the default is ‘on’). This ensures that there is no unauthorized spending and that all transactions are accounted for. 
  • Increased control over approval workflows. Admins can create two new approval workflows: custom approval groups and approval owners for different departments and office locations. This allows you to assign groups and owners to approval policies to ensure coverage if an approver is out of office.
  • Streamlined reimbursements. You can now split transactions on Ramp into multiple line items to properly allocate amounts to different accounts. Additionally, employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada now have the ability to submit mileage reimbursement requests.
  • Expanded availability of Ramp Flex. Ramp customers in California, Vermont, and Hawaii are now able to extend their invoice payment terms with one click using Flex.
  • Dark mode makes its debut on Ramp. Avoid eye strain and cut glare with the flip of a switch!
"My personal favorite part of Ramp is that it has dark mode built-in. [It] makes the UI look very sleek." - Iesha Topaz, Sr. Product Designer, Healthie
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ramp

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Ramp, Laura strategizes and oversees release marketing for all Ramp product launches. Prior to Ramp, Laura has worked in the B2C space as a PMM in industries across GoPuff, Zillow, and Uber. During her free time, she's spending time outdoors in Seattle, WA.


How Crossbeam saved $10K+ with Ramp Price Intelligence

“Right now, I text a group of colleagues and search online—but being able to know within a 5% variance that we are solid on pricing? That gives me peace of mind."
Matt Dougherty, Senior Director of Finance, Crossbeam

How Clearbit closed the books >60% faster with Ramp + NetSuite

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Kay Coolican, Accounting Manager, Clearbit

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Ivan Makarov

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Nick Greenfield, CEO, Candid

How FirstBlood’s switch to Ramp sped up their monthly close

“If I code one transaction with a certain vendor, Ramp knows. It makes suggestions based on past transactions. It just works.”
Kyle Potter, CFO, FirstBlood

How Elementus overhauled its spend management with Ramp

“The fact that I can have an expense, match it with a receipt immediately, upload it, and then integrate it into QuickBooks is a godsend.”
Matt Austin, Vice President of Operations, Elementus

How Eight Sleep consolidated their finance stack and launched a new product with Ramp

“Identifying the invoice, finding it in Ramp Bill Pay, and flexing it from there, takes all of one minute…it’s only a few clicks and you’re done.”
Irish Rose, Controller, Eight Sleep