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We’ve been releasing product innovations nonstop to help businesses spend smarter and make better financial decisions. From auto-suggested SMS memos to card issuing in Canadian dollars (CAD), our latest capabilities are designed to free your employees from busy work so they stay focused on efforts that drive your business forward. Here’s a quick rundown of our biggest releases from the past few months. 

P.S. Don’t miss our April 11th webinar where we’ll be demoing all of these features and hosting a live Q&A. 

No more shadow procurement

Are you looking to get ahead of contract renewals and speed up approval times? Now you can easily see how long it’s been since a procurement request was created and address any recurring delays you’re seeing. When employees leave or change teams, easily transfer their purchase orders to a new owner in a single step and automatically notify them. Stay on top of big contract renewals by checking the status of all your contracts in a single place in the Vendors tab and setting reminders for the ones you want to be sure to negotiate or cancel.

Make "doing" expenses easier than ever

Our latest addition to Ramp Intelligence gives more time back to your employees. Ramp’s SMS reminders can now suggest memos for transactions based on past submissions, removing yet another to-do for employees. Moreover, cardholders no longer need to sign into Ramp to manage any part of their expenses. They can now submit accounting categories (in addition to receipts and memos) directly through email or SMS, making their daily expenses easier than ever to manage.

Streamline how you manage spend internationally

Global businesses waste a lot of time juggling multiple currencies, exchange rates, and bank transfers. Now you can issue cards in CAD, allowing your Canadian employees to spend in their local currency and eliminate intercompany transfers. And for employees traveling abroad, we’ve expanded our mileage reimbursement capabilities to support hundreds of countries, including Ireland and Poland, ensuring faster repayments.


Stay tuned later this year for when you can issue cards in pounds (GBP) and euros (EUR).

Speed up your close with our new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration

Using Business Central? You can now code transactions, bill payments, and reimbursements in Ramp and easily sync them with one click. Import your chart of accounts and dimensions into Ramp to keep coding accurate and comprehensive. Ramp will also help you keep vendors synced and simplify employee reimbursements.  

See these features in action

Got questions on how your business can start using these features? Join our April 11th webinar to see the team walk through these capabilities in more detail and get all of your burning questions answered 

Want to stay in the know on all our other releases? Follow along on our Product Announcements page for monthly updates. 

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Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ramp
As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Ramp, Laura strategizes and oversees release marketing for all Ramp product launches. Prior to Ramp, Laura has worked in the B2C space as a PMM in industries across GoPuff, Zillow, and Uber. During her free time, she's spending time outdoors in Seattle, WA.
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