March 17, 2021

Welcoming our Chief Business Officer Colin Kennedy, a game-changing addition to the Ramp team


Today I’m excited to share that Colin Kennedy is joining Ramp as our first Chief Business Officer, where he’ll oversee operations, partnerships, corporate development, and sales.

Colin has shaped the financial services industry heavily over the past decade. Not many individuals have the unique combination of skills needed to both build a startup and also manage a team of hundreds at a Fortune 50 company. Colin is a rare talent who has both deeply shaped the future of financial services, while also bringing the founder DNA needed to rapidly scale a company. He is precisely what Ramp needs at its current stage.

Before joining us, Colin was the Global Head of Partnerships at Stripe, where he led the partnerships strategy for the company’s core and emerging products, including Stripe Treasury, a revolutionary banking-as-a-service API that allows Stripe users to provide bank accounts to their customers.

Prior to that, Colin held executive positions at Goldman Sachs, where he was the Chief Operating and Revenue Officer for its digital finance group, Marcus. He helped grow a nascent business into a multi-billionaire dollar P&L.

Earlier on, Colin was the Chief Commercial & Operating Officer at Clarity Money (through its acquisition by Goldman Sachs) and spent over a decade at American Express in VP and GM roles. At AmEx, he forged a number of industry shaping deals between partners including Concur, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

He is a former startup founder and started his career at Trilogy Software, widely considered the Y Combinator of its day. Needless to say, we’re lucky to have him.

Here’s what Colin had to say about joining: 

“My passion comes from developing products and partnerships that unequivocally raise the bar. Simply put, technology should create unambiguous simplicity and value for businesses. Similar to Stripe, Ramp provides businesses of all sizes with tools they need to transform and optimize their financial operations, allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Ramp makes its customers’ businesses stronger. And like its customers, I’ve been incredibly impressed with what Ramp has developed in its first two years, and am ready to usher Ramp into its next phase of growth.”

Colin is joining us during a critical time within the company, where we’ve reached an inflection point in our growth as more businesses are prioritizing efficiency and savings within their organizations.

By combining a powerful spend management platform with physical and digital corporate cards, we are transforming the way companies approach their finances and spending. We grew over 6000% over the past year, helped companies reduce wasteful spending by over $10M to date, and now tens of thousands of employees across America’s fastest growing businesses are taking control of their finances with Ramp, saving critical time and money.

Ramp is growing rapidly -- if you’re interested in helping businesses get more out every dollar and hour, we’re hiring across every department. Check out our careers page to learn more.

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Eric Glyman
Co-founder & CEO, Ramp

Eric is the co-founder and CEO of Ramp. Previously, Eric co-founded Paribus, a digital tool that automates price protection and shipping guarantees at online retailers, which was acquired by Capital One in 2016. Eric is an active New York-based angel investor.

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