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Our Accounting Spotlights highlight inspirational leaders in the profession who are making a difference for their clients and community. Know someone who deserves to be featured? Submit a nomination.

In our latest Accountant Spotlight Series, we're thrilled to introduce Frank Mastronuzzi, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner of Punch Financial

 His story is one defined by strong partnerships, collaboration, and drive. 

A passion for helping small businesses

Frank Mastronuzzi’s accounting career was born out of a strong interest in the analytical and problem-solving aspects of the field. After graduating from the University of Illinois, Frank was introduced to the profession through several years of work at large accounting firms, gaining experience across a wide range of industries. 

Despite valuable exposure to large organizations during these early years, however, Frank’s passion has always been helping startups grow. This pull toward strategic financial management for small businesses led to the founding of Punch Financial in 2017, a firm that provides best-in-class outsourced bookkeeping and financial operations. The highlight of Frank’s career, Punch Financial is made up of a tight-knit team with a unique culture, one of collaboration, ownership, and a dedication to providing quality service. 

Meeting the unique needs of high-growth companies

Punch Financial is set apart by its commitment to being true partners to clients. “We don’t see ourselves as just outside service providers, but as extensions of their team,” shares Frank. Developing such partnerships requires trust and strong client relationships, which the team at Punch works hard to build starting from day one. “We're in the trenches with them, helping them navigate the ups and downs of building a business,” he observes.  

Providing services to small and medium-sized businesses, Punch Financial specializes in serving tech startups, e-commerce companies, and SaaS businesses. “I’m passionate about this segment because these types of high-growth companies have unique financial needs,” expresses Frank. Balancing the financial discipline of a big company with the agility of a startup, Frank finds it fulfilling to help founders navigate areas such as fundraising, budgeting, and forecasting, helping clients focus on building great products and teams.  

Of these unique challenges, cash flow management and financial planning are two of the most common obstacles that Punch Financial’s clients experience. Especially for early-stage companies, a razor sharp focus on growth can often mean that disciplined accounting practices get overlooked, resulting in cash crunches, missed financial targets, and difficulty raising additional funding. 

Interventions with inspiring impact

Punch, Frank explains, addresses these obstacles by serving as an extension of their clients’ teams, providing the financial expertise and processes required to keep things on track. “Our clients tell us that we deliver the most value through our combination of startup experience and deep accounting expertise,” he explains. Because the team at Punch intimately understands the needs of clients, the firm’s guidance and services are highly relevant, targeted, and actionable. “I find the most fulfillment in the lightbulb moments, when we help a client uncover an insight that meaningfully improves their business,” Frank reflects. Whether it's identifying an opportunity to extend the cash runway, or negotiating better payment terms with a vendor, Frank derives meaning from seeing a tangible impact.

A prime example of this influence is the recent success of a B2B SaaS client. When the client came to Punch, shortly after raising a Series A, they only had six months of runway left, putting them at financial risk. Frank’s team quickly identified key issues, including an outsized sales and marketing budget, underpaying customers, and redundant vendors. Within a month, Punch helped negotiate key contracts, reprice offerings, and cut over $200,000 in annual costs. Extending the runway to 18 months, the client was presented with the opportunity to evolve into their next round of funding, a path to long-term growth. 

Applying technology to transform expense management

The application of new technology will soon amplify transformations such as these. “We're very excited about AI and machine learning in accounting,” shares Frank. “Tools like Ramp have already made a big difference in streamlining expense management for our clients.” 

With solutions like these, Punch Financial can explore ways that AI can be used to streamline tasks such as invoice processing, bookkeeping, and financial modeling. “My favorite feature in Ramp is the real-time expensing. It's a game changer for our clients, who previously had to wait until the end of the month to see their full spending picture,” he says. Saving significant time across the organization, technology is already unlocking efficiencies by automating processes, allowing for more time spent on higher-value analysis and advisory. Following developments in other areas such as natural language processing, Frank is constantly keeping a close pulse on ways that the company can continue delivering maximum value to clients. 

In summary

Frank’s presence as a leader within the field is marked by a fierce passion for building partnerships. He is always in their corner. The steadfast commitment that Frank brings to his clients is mirrored by the relationships that he builds within the community, as well. As an active participant in both the Los Angeles startup ecosystem and the broader accounting profession, Frank regularly attends events, like the Summit Series, to stay connected with founders and investors. From an organizational standpoint, Punch Financial has been collaborating with other leading firms to establish best practices around virtual CFO services, contributing to the advancement of the field. 

Outside of work, Frank is an avid sports fan, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his husband and two dogs. “I'd say my friends and family would describe me as driven, caring, and always up for an adventure, whether that's taking on a new business challenge or planning our next travel experience,” he shares. At Ramp, we celebrate Frank’s dedication to seizing opportunities for growth: as an account professional, for his clients, and in his personal life. 

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Head of Accounting Partner Channel, Ramp
Brad Gustafson leads the Accounting Partnerships Channel at Ramp. He has spent the past decade advising and consulting thousands of accounting firms across the United States, including managing Top 100 accounting firm partnerships as an Enterprise Account Director at Xero. He is motivated to help build a community of accountants around Ramp who are passionate about new technologies and the opportunities they provide the accounting profession.
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