February 23, 2022
Product update

Ramp for Travel: Elevating T&E control, in partnership with Lyft, WeWork, and more


Businesses everywhere are being tasked with overhauling employee travel, from expense policies to booking processes and expense management. That’s because more employees will be hitting the road in 2022, and if you’re among the 63% of high-growth companies that have gone hybrid, travel is going to look pretty different. 

Whether you’re planning a team offsite or workshopping in a WeWork office, new travel patterns will require your business to answer questions like: Who’s traveling right now? How do we contact them in case of an emergency? How do we keep T&E under control? What about T&E reimbursement?

More employee travel also means more expense reports, which can seriously dent your organization’s productivity unless you have strong automation in place. Traditional travel management software alone might not cut it.

We've built a solution to help you gain a new level of insight and control over your company’s travel–without sacrificing the flexibility of travel options. With Ramp for Travel, employees can book anywhere and Ramp will enforce your company travel policy. It’ll automate expense reports completely, with direct integrations for Lyft, Google Chrome, and more. Get instant insights into trips across the organization.

All of this is done automatically with no additional work required from your employees or finance team. All of this is free when you use Ramp. 

Business travel desperately needs an upgrade

Most companies’ travel programs are too costly and inefficient. They leave these major gaps unsolved: 

  • Time-consuming expense reports: Employees spend hours each month filing post-travel expense reports. Add on the time that it takes to review these reports. The average expense report costs companies $58 in processing time—hardly money or time that’s well-spent. 
  • Inability to track trips in real time: With ever-evolving travel conditions, HR and finance teams need the ability to keep tabs on their employees’ whereabouts as part of companies’ duty of care. Many businesses have no way to get this kind of visibility.
  • Loosely enforced T&E policies: Despite detailed policies, finance teams often don’t find out about out-of-policy spending until weeks after it’s taken place. With 20% of T&E expenses outside of policy on average, the lack of real-time spend control is problematic, and leads to increased maverick spending.  
  • Inflexible booking options: With many travel solutions, you’re limited to flight and hotel options that may not suit your needs. Not to mention the fee you may have to pay for each trip. These days, your employees will simply book out of policy as a workaround.

Ramp for Travel: A better AI-assisted travel experience for all

From bookings to expense reporting, Ramp for Travel makes travel management much easier for your employees while giving you the same controls, insights, and automation that you’d get from a standalone travel solution.

"Ramp is a breath of fresh air. I am in awe of the technology in the travel platform. It takes care of all the work for me, and helps us manage use and spend like we have never been able to do before." - Lauren Drake-Perez, Manager of Revenue Operations, Candid

Here’s how we’ll help you build a better travel program:  

1. Digital travel policies control spending in real time

Create travel policies with air travel, lodging, and per diem limits that automatically get enforced. Managers get real-time alerts when employees spend out-of-policy and can request that employees pay back the difference.

Ramp travel policies

2. Book anywhere with your Ramp card and our new Chrome extension (beta)

Our new extension for Chrome browsers (in beta) helps employees book with any service, faster. It enables them to access their card details at checkout, check their expense policy if there are questions, and upload receipts, right then and there.

Ramp extension for Chrome

As always, Ramp’s 1.5% cashback applies, so you can let employees book what’s most convenient for them and save on costs at the same time. 

3. Make expense reporting hands-free with deep integrations

Our email and text receipt matching automation already makes submitting receipts a breeze for employees. We’re excited to announce a new integration with Lyft: when your team books a Lyft ride, Ramp will automatically collect your receipts and make expense reporting completely effortless—no texting or forwarding necessary.

4. Get real-time insights into your company’s travel  

See every active employee trip in one place with complete itineraries that provide insight into airfare, seat class, and nightly hotel costs using our new trips dashboard. Get insights into travel patterns for better budgeting and planning. Rest easy knowing where your employees are headed and for how long.  

5. Work anywhere with this special offer from WeWork for Ramp customers

Ramp customers get 50% off WeWork On Demand workspace and meeting room bookings through May 23, 2022. Terms apply

6. Using a managed travel solution? We’ll automate your expense reports 

Get the best expense automation for free with Ramp. No matter what provider you’re using, our receipt matching AI can save your employees hours each month. Merchant and category rules automate expense categorization and sync transactions to your general ledger for efficient accounting. Finance teams who use Ramp close their books 5 days faster each month. 

We’ve partnered with leading managed travel platforms to help you save even more time and money

To make things even more effortless, we’re providing direct integrations and offers with leading and preferred travel providers Corporate Traveler and TravelPerk. When your employees use these platforms to book travel, Ramp will automatically submit their receipts. Pair the best travel management services with the best finance automation to create an elite travel program for your organization.

Ramp's integration with Corporate Traveler

Ramp's integration with TravelPerk

On the hunt for a managed travel solution? Take advantage of Corporate Traveler’s and TravelPerk’s integrations and preferred pricing for Ramp customers. Here’s how they can benefit your organization:

  • Corporate Traveler provides a modern platform that lets your employees access the best negotiated rates and book in 5 minutes. More than just an online booking tool, the platform keeps your employees safe and secure with real-time updates and direct access to travel experts.   
  • TravelPerk is the business travel platform built for fostering human connection. From booking to managing, corporate travel has never been easier. Book the broadest inventory globally at the best rates, get 24/7 customer support, and enjoy peace of mind by making all your trips refundable with FlexiPerk.

We’re excited to announce a new Travel Partner Program with these two leading companies to help our customers find the best travel services that integrate with Ramp. Businesses should have the freedom to choose the tools that work best for their organization.

Build a first-class travel program with Ramp 

The world is going virtual but some in-person activities just can’t be replaced. Last year, travel expenses for Ramp customers jumped from 2.2% in January to 6.2% in November. T&E spending will grow even more this year as employees get back on the road. 

It won’t be enough to simply dust off your old travel playbook. These days employees need more flexibility while finance teams need stronger spend controls and visibility. 

No other corporate card offers the level of T&E control that Ramp for Travel provides. Sign up for Ramp today to start saving time and money.

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Head of Product Marketing, Ramp

Joe is a marketing leader with deep experience across startups and B2B software. He's passionate about storytelling, creating winning sales enablement strategies, and leading high-performing teams focused on execution and impact.

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