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October 28, 2021

Ramp Rewind: HR integrations, vendor management, and finance automation

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Easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments —plus an average savings of 3.5%.
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Webinar: Intro to Ramp Plus
Sept. 28th, 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of quarterly Ramp Rewind posts to get you up to speed on the latest product updates we’ve built.

We’ve been busy over the last three months delivering on our vision of a fully integrated and automated finance stack that can save you and your team time and money. 

Our latest launch helps your finances and HR software exist in a more automated world, giving you better control over your cards and surfacing money-saving insights into spending in just a few clicks.  

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Faster, more flexible payments 

Payments in seconds, not hours, with Ramp Bill Pay

Make your life easier with finance automation.

With Ramp's accounts payable software you can condense the process of paying your vendors into just a few clicks. It’s as simple as uploading your bill and letting our AI do the work for you: pulling in line items, due dates, and even payment information in lightning quick time.

All you need to do is choose your preferred payment method, such as check or ACH, or pay with your Ramp card and get 1.5% cashback. And since we’re in the business of saving you time, the bill will automatically sync to your AP. 

Submit reimbursements on someone else’s behalf



We’ve made it easy for approved admins, managers and bookkeepers to submit receipts for reimbursements on someone else's behalf—perfect for times when life gets in the way. And to provide better insight and tracking, you'll see a simple chain of approvals to know who the request was submitted by and what it was for. 

One-stop vendor management 

Centralized vendor contract management



Keeping track of vendor contracts and other documents can be a real pain. Now you can easily add your vendor contracts to Ramp so you can see all the details alongside your spend.

Ever wonder if you’re overpaying for a service? Our negotiations team will proactively audit contracts on your behalf to identify savings insights and opportunities. Now you’ll be organized and know you’re paying the best rate—a win-win. 

Better card controls for peace of mind 

Missing receipt? There’s a card lock for that 




Receipt submission with Ramp is as simple as 1, 2, 3. But sometimes, no matter how much you nudge someone, that receipt just never gets uploaded. And until now, beyond nudging, there was no way to enforce your receipt policy strictly. 

For times like these, we've rolled out a card management feature that automatically locks cards once a certain number of days specified by managers and admins have passed. 

This feature gives finance teams and managers additional control over exactly how their cards are used and ensures that everyone adheres to set policies.

365-day cards



Sometimes you need a bit more control over your cards, especially when it comes to how often the balance resets. To help, we’ve rolled out the ability to create cards that reset every 365 days for teams that need stricter card management controls. 

This solution is perfect for common annual costs like education or WFH-stipends for your employees.

Ramp for HR: HRIS integrations for faster onboarding 



Say hello to HR automation.

As your business grows and becomes more successful, you want your processes to scale and improve, too. With Ramp’s integration into a whole suite of popular HR management software, employee management and onboarding are better and faster than ever. 

You can now experience the benefits of Ramp with: 

Ramp’s HRIS integrations take the headache out of HR and give you peace of mind with a streamlined, user-friendly process backed by automation.

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Dan Burke, CEO, First Tee San Francisco

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Paul Streitenberger, Accounting & Finance Lead, Mix Talent

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Gee Hoon Lim, Director of Finance, The Joffrey Ballet

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Jake Steele, Senior Staff Accountant, Beyond

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Sarah Bird, Controller, Seed

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