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Table of contents

Finding the right procurement software is challenging due to the multitude of options available around us. To simplify this process, we have compiled a list of the top 8 procurement automation software available. Our selection is based on features, ease of use, supplier collaboration capabilities, scalability, and customer reviews.

If you're looking for a new procurement solution or an upgrade to your existing one, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you make the right choice. Let's explore the top tools that can enhance your procurement processes, save costs, and boost productivity.

Let's dive into the first tool on our list.


Ramp is a comprehensive procurement software designed to automate the procure-to-pay process, giving organizations full control over spending. It eliminates approval bottlenecks and prevents out-of-policy spending, ensuring a streamlined procurement experience.

Key features

  • Build automated approval workflows that integrate with tools like Slack and Teams. Route requests to specific approvers based on custom conditions, accelerating approval cycles.
  • Enhance collaboration by centralizing procurement discussions in Ramp. Comment and tag team members directly in requests or purchase orders, and send notifications to ensure quick responses, reducing the time spent on back-and-forth communication.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders in Ramp, providing a clear view of upcoming invoices. Use Ramp to offer a consolidated view of all requests and purchase orders, enabling better tracking and managing committed spend.
  • Integrate Ramp seamlessly with NetSuite and QuickBooks. Code purchase order line items and match invoices to purchase orders for improved control over financial processes.
  • Gain early visibility into spending with Ramp, helping organizations control costs and prevent overspending. Centralize the capture of requests in Ramp to ensure transparency and efficiency.

To learn more about how Ramp's procurement software can streamline your organization's spending process, watch our webinar →


  • While Ramp's POs are well-suited for most procurement needs, Ramp may not be the ideal choice for procuring highly complex physical goods with intricate supply chain requirements. 
  • Ramp currently integrates with popular accounting systems like NetSuite and QuickBooks, and the team is actively working to expand integrations with other ERP solutions.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement is a cloud-based solution to automate and streamline procurement processes. This platform helps businesses manage everything from sourcing to supplier relationships with enhanced collaboration and insightful analytics.

Key features

  • Supports direct materials, services, and complex supply chains, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Verify supplier information, manage performance, and maintain strong vendor relationships. Take advantage of the self-service portal to improve supplier collaboration.
  • Reduce costs and increase value with strategic sourcing features, enabling your business to conduct competitive bidding and manage supplier contracts effectively.
  • Manage the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to compliance, ensuring contract visibility and policy adherence.
  • Utilize comprehensive analytics to identify value opportunities, improve category intelligence, and manage supplier performance.


  • Some users find the interface outdated and in need of improvement.
  • Customer support has been reported as minimal, which can be a limitation for users needing assistance.
  • The platform offers limited flexibility for customization, which may not meet all business needs.

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a widely-used e-procurement solution designed to help businesses streamline their procurement processes and manage spending more effectively. It caters to various industries and supports global procurement operations with its extensive features and integrations.

Key features

  • Ensure compliance and cost savings with Guided Buying, which helps employees purchase from preferred suppliers.
  • Make one-off purchases from pre-vetted suppliers within SAP Ariba's custom B2B marketplace using Spot Buy, offering flexibility for unique procurement needs.
  • Enhance efficiency and scalability by using SAP Ariba's Procurement Operations Desk, which provides a collaborative way for procurement teams to handle special purchase requests.
  • Manage the complexities of procurement across different cultures and countries with SAP Ariba, making it suitable for multinational organizations.
  • Integrate SAP Ariba seamlessly with various ERP systems for smooth invoice and payment processing.
  • Improve control over procurement activities by managing compliance, approval workflows, and document outputs from SAP Ariba's unified interface, the Centralized Command Center.


  • Some users have reported inefficiencies in customer support, which can be a drawback for businesses needing timely assistance.
  • The software can be complex to navigate, requiring time for users to become proficient.
  • The reporting and analytics features are not as advanced as some users might need, limiting detailed insights.
  • Lack of real-time notifications can affect the immediacy of procurement actions.


Precoro is a cloud-based procurement and accounts payable (AP) automation solution designed to streamline purchasing processes and improve collaboration among requesters, approvers, procurement managers, and accounting teams. Its primary goal is to eliminate paperwork, centralize purchasing, enhance spending visibility, and reduce errors caused by manual processes.

Key features

  • Automate the entire procurement workflow, from purchase requisitions to payments, with Precoro, making the process more efficient and error-free.
  • Create tailored approval workflows, customize document fields, and design user roles according to your business needs using Precoro, ensuring the system fits your specific requirements.
  • Track requests in real time with Precoro, ensuring all stakeholders are connected and informed throughout the procurement process.
  • Gain insights into spending patterns and control costs effectively by using Precoro's robust tools for tracking budgets and generating customized reports.
  • Optimize stock levels by tracking items and setting reorder points with Precoro's inventory management features, although some users find the functionality limited.


  • Integrating Precoro with ERP systems like NetSuite, SAP, and QuickBooks can be challenging, limiting its functionality for businesses relying on these systems.
  • Some users have reported that the inventory management module lacks the needed advanced features.
  • The platform's data import features and notification rules have been cited as improvement areas.


Procurify is a cloud-based procurement and spend management software designed to streamline and optimize business procurement processes. Its user-friendly mobile app allows users to manage procurement tasks from any device, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Key features

  • Create and customize purchase orders with Procurify, enabling users to generate, track, and ensure proper authorization of orders quickly.
  • Monitor spending against allocated budgets in real-time using Procurify's robust tools, helping your organization control costs effectively.
  • Manage supplier information, performance evaluations, and communication using Procurify's centralized hub, making it easier to collaborate with suppliers and negotiate contracts.
  • Streamline financial processes and ensure accurate record-keeping by integrating Procurify seamlessly with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero.
  • Enhance convenience and efficiency by using Procurify's mobile app to manage procurement tasks anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamline procurement tasks and reduce manual errors with Procurify's automated purchase order creation and approval processes.


  • Unlike some other procurement tools, Procurify does not offer inventory management features, which can be a limitation for businesses needing this functionality.
  • The software's analytics and reporting capabilities are not as advanced as some users might need, limiting detailed procurement strategy development.
  • While Procurify integrates well with accounting software, integrating with other solutions apart from ERP systems can be challenging.


Tipalti is a financial technology company that offers comprehensive solutions for accounts payable, procurement, and global payments automation. Its platform is user-friendly and highly efficient, designed to provide greater control over spending, streamline procurement operations, and reduce financial and compliance risks.

Key features

  • Submit purchase requests easily with Tipalti, which collects necessary information upfront and automates rule-based approval routing to eliminate manual tasks.
  • Onboard and manage vendors quickly and efficiently using Tipalti's custom, self-service registration forms.
  • Reduce errors and manual data entry by utilizing Tipalti's automatic purchase order generation feature, which creates purchase orders once a request is approved.
  • Benefit from Tipalti's exceptional flexibility with payment options, supporting transactions to 196 countries in 120 different currencies, making it ideal for businesses with a global reach.
  • Integrate Tipalti with Amazon Business to support a seamless buying process from purchase requests to order fulfillment and access exclusive business pricing.
  • Ensure seamless processes and automatic data synchronization by integrating Tipalti with your existing technology stack, including prominent ERPs, SSO, email, and Slack.


  • Some users have reported occasional lags and synchronization errors, which can disrupt workflow.
  • The platform's reporting features are not as advanced as some users might require, limiting detailed financial analysis.
  • While Tipalti's pricing starts at $149 per month, additional costs may be incurred for more advanced capabilities, which could be a consideration for small businesses.


Founded in 2018, Vendr is a procurement management platform specifically designed for managing Software as a Service (SaaS) purchases. It empowers organizations by providing tools for detailed negotiation advisory, contract analysis, and comprehensive oversight of SaaS expenditures.

Key features

  • Manage purchases, renewals, and spend data efficiently using Vendr's centralized dashboard, which provides real-time insights into spending patterns and supplier performance.
  • Create a central hub for purchase requests with Vendr's Intakes feature, providing early visibility into all business spending and ensuring a streamlined procurement process.
  • Simplify approval processes and enhance transparency with Vendr's centrally orchestrated workflows, saving time for all stakeholders.
  • Stay ahead of software renewals with Vendr, eliminating wasted spending due to missed deadlines and ensuring the continuity of essential services.
  • Establish a single source of truth for supplier relationships, contracts, and spending using Vendr, helping your organization manage and optimize supplier partnerships effectively.
  • Ensure that all procurement activities adhere to necessary regulations with Vendr's thorough due diligence on legal and security compliances.


  • Vendr's features are most suitable for large organizations, which may limit its utility for smaller businesses.
  • Some users have reported gaps in the user interface, making it difficult to adopt and navigate the platform efficiently.
  • The platform offers limited multilingual support, which can be a barrier for international teams requiring diverse language options.

Factors to consider before purchasing a procurement software

When selecting a procurement software, it is crucial to evaluate various factors to ensure the chosen solution aligns with your organization's needs and goals. Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Identify specific procurement needs and scope of automation.
  • Assess total cost, including implementation, training, and maintenance.
  • Choose software that can scale with your organization's growth.
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing systems (ERP, CRM).
  • Verify the software meets security and compliance requirements.
  • Select software with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Look for software that effectively manages suppliers, orders, and performance.
  • Choose software that tracks inventory levels and optimizes turnover.
  • Opt for software with robust reporting and analytics features for data-driven decisions.

Features every procurement automation software should have

  1. Supplier management

The system should facilitate easy management of supplier information, including contact details, performance history, certifications, and compliance information. This helps maintain effective relationships and ensures suppliers meet your standards.

  1. Purchase requisition

Users must be able to create and submit purchase requisitions for the goods and services they need. The system should include workflows for approval routing to streamline the procurement process.

  1. Purchase orders

The system should support the creation, tracking, and management of purchase orders. It must also have the capability to generate purchase orders automatically from approved requisitions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Contract management

There should be functionalities to store and manage contracts with suppliers, including tracking key terms, renewal dates, and compliance requirements. This ensures all contracts are up-to-date and within legal standards.

  1. Sourcing and RFx

The system must support sourcing activities such as requests for information (RFIs), requests for proposals (RFPs), and requests for quotations (RFQs). It should also provide tools to evaluate and select suppliers based on set criteria, enhancing the sourcing process.

  1. Inventory management

Integration with inventory systems is crucial to track stock levels, reorder points, and manage inventory across multiple locations. This feature helps prevent stock-outs and excess inventory.

  1. Budget and spend management

Tools for tracking budgets and monitoring spending against these budgets are essential. The system should also generate reports on procurement spending to aid in financial planning and analysis.

  1. Compliance and risk management

Features to ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations are necessary, along with tools for managing and mitigating risks in the supply chain. This helps protect the organization against potential fines and reputational damage.

  1. Supplier performance evaluation

Functionality to track and evaluate supplier performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as on-time delivery, quality, and cost is vital. This helps ensure suppliers are meeting contractual obligations and standards.

Accelerate procurement, mitigate risks, and optimize cost efficiency. Ramp is designed to streamline the procure-to-pay process with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. By centralizing requests, automating approvals, and providing full visibility into spending, Get an inside look at Ramp Procurement and its benefits, as well as a product demo showing how to manage purchase requests and orders. Watch the video and learn more about how Ramp can enhance your procurement process.

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Group Manager of Product Marketing, Ramp
Chris Sumida is the Group Manager of Product Marketing at Ramp, located in Ladera Ranch, California. With almost a decade in product marketing, Chris has a knack for leading successful teams and strategies. At Ramp, he’s been a driving force behind the launch of Ramp Procurement, which makes procurement easier and more efficient for businesses. Before joining Ramp, Chris worked at Xero and LeaseLabs®️, creating and implementing marketing plans. He kicked off his career at Chef’s Roll, Inc. Chris also mentors up-and-coming talent through the Aztec Mentor Program. He graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science.
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