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Is Brex right for you? Companies on Brex often start looking for alternatives over time because they need flexibility with banking options and more powerful procurement capabilities. In this article, we'll share other corporate card providers and spend management platforms for you to consider based on G2 ratings.


Here at Ramp, we're admittedly a little biased about Ramp's ability to be your home for next-generation finance tools. From corporate cards and expense management, to bill pay and accounting integrations, our platform delivers business savings month after month. 

More than 15,000 businesses have already saved a combined $600 million with Ramp’s savings insights, automation, and software price negotiations. Almost 90 percent of people who reviewed Ramp on G2 gave our solution a five-star rating.

Key features

  • Unlimited physical and virtual cards for employees
  • Single platform for data and workflows between payables, business travel, and accounting
  • Procure-to-pay including vendor management, price intelligence, and negotiations
  • Easy-to-use interface for finance teams and employees with reliable support
  • Free bill pay, and scheduled payments with cards, ACH, checks, and wire transfers

Why customers choose Ramp over Brex

  • Banking connections on your terms. Ramp provides more than 80 bank connections to diversify your funds across multiple bank accounts and lower your risk exposure, by ensuring you are not locked into one financial provider.
  • Easier expense experiences for all. Ramp provides an employee experience that enables people to complete expenses on time. Ramp’s receipt capture can auto-match transactions, auto-populate memo fields, and auto-generate receipts if missing.
  • Bigger picture business spend. Brex’s sparse procurement capabilities have led some firms to pick Ramp for vendor management, savings intelligence, and procure-to-pay.

Our pricing 

Ramp helps you control spend, automate payments, and rapidly close your books—all for free. Ramp Plus is $15 per person a month and gives you more control, and greater customization. 

Navan (formerly TripActions)

Navan is a travel and expenses solution, which allows professionals to book, view, and manage trips and expenses.

Key  features

  • Controls at the point of sale to stop out-of-policy spending
  • Automated reconciliation to help finance teams track and monitor spend
  • Virtual cards tied to each travel booking, removing the need for manual reconciliation
  • Reimbursements for employees across 45 countries and 25 currencies

Why people choose Navan over Brex

A reviewer on business review website G2 notes that Navan's interface is friendlier and easier to use than Brex's. Specifically, uploading receipts and writing descriptions for expenses are much easier.


Navan is free for companies’ first 50 monthly active users, with a fee for live travel agent support. The company can provide custom quotes for companies that exceed those needs.


Airbase offers procurement software to help companies manage requests, payment, and reconciliation. The software has features for key business processes and accounting needs, such as multi-subsidiaries, and purchase order (PO) matching. Airbase is rated 4.8 out of five on G2 and is classified as most suitable for mid-market companies.


  • Automatic audit trail with the ability to retrieve documentation for a booking or an audit
  • Accounting automation covering categories, amortization, and payment dates
  • Invoice processing and payment from a single dashboard
  • Real-time reporting, with all spend activities captured as they occur
  • Receipt management, with a dedicated email for submissions

Why people choose Airbase over Brex

A G2 reviewer mentioned his company replaced multiple systems (including Brex) with Airbase, improving their approval processes for POs, invoices, cards, and reimbursements.


Airbase offers standard, premium, and enterprise quotes for firms with 200 to 5,000 employees.


Center provides software for corporate card, travel, and employee expense management. Customers on G2 give Center a 4.6 out of five rating. 

Key features

  • Reconciliation with approval workflows, custom fields, ERP integrations, and CSV export
  • Adjustable limits for each corporate card and secure lock if the card is not in frequent use
  • Real-time visibility, reporting, and auditing of managed and unmanaged spend
  • Ability to make travel itinerary changes and 24/7 support

Why people choose Center

Reviewers commend Center for its ease of use, user interface, and time-saving features. 


Center’s pricing is not publicly available on its website.


Founded in Europe in 2016, Spendesk provides company cards and software to help companies manage approvals, budgets, and accounting automation. Customers give Spendesk a 4.7 out of five rating on G2.

Key features

  • Real-time spending dashboard displaying online and offline transactions
  • Team budgets, request tracking and approvals, and expense reimbursements
  • Invoice automation and approval workflows for more control over the invoicing lifecycle
  • Single-use virtual cards to reduce fraud risks for one-off purchases, plus dedicated virtual business cards for recurring costs.

Why people choose Spendesk

One G2 reviewer complimented Spendesk for clearly showing which invoices were approved and for its clear approval records.


Spendesk can provide custom quotes to companies of all sizes.

Choose flexibility for your finance operations

We hope our research helps you find a better fit for expense management, AP automation, and corporate cards. If an intuitive employee experience and powerful finance workflows are essential to your finance operations, consider Ramp.

Try Ramp for free
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